When you check a client record or work on a meal plan, you will notice a Formulas tab. The formulas tab lists a series of formula results, such as BMI, BMR, etc. These formulas are determined using the available data for the client. The data required for each formula is:

Formula Data required
BMI (Body Mass Index) Weight, Height
BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Weight, Height, Gender, DOB
Weight maintenance level Weight, Height, Gender, DOB, Activity Level
DRI for Protein (body weight) Weight, Gender, DOB
Protein recommendation based on lean body mass Weight, Body Fat %, Gender, DOB

For more information above the formulas above, please check:


You need to populate the required fields in order to get the formulas to produce a result. Alternatively, you can get your clients to fill in their data for you using a questionnaire.

Required data needs to be populated in either:

  • The overview section inside a client record
  • The formulas tab inside a meal plan

The following 5-minute video shows exactly where and how to enter the data required to make the formulas work.

Watch video tutorial on YouTube