NutriAdmin allows to create client programs so that you can manage your clients' progress during sessions. You can think of client programs as customizable to-do lists for each client that can keep track of sessions and payment services.

The following 6-minute video explains in-depth:

  • What client programs are
  • How to set them up
  • How to use them with clients

Watch video tutorial in YouTube

How to configure client programs

Follow these steps to find the configuration page for client programs.

Step 1: Click on Settings on the left-side menu.

settings page

Step 2: Click on the Client Data tab.

client data tab

Step 3: Click on the View/Edit client programs button.

editing client programs

Step 4: Now that you are in the client programs page, click on New Program to setup your new program.

setting up new program

Step 5: Fill in the form and you are ready to go. You can check the video above for details on how to setup the program

setting up the program

Once you have some client programs configured, you will be able to use them within client records to keep track of actions and sessions over time.