This tutorial shows how to configure a welcome email to send to all new clients with the click of a button in NutriAdmin. The welcome email can be achieved by using the questionnaires functionality in NutriAdmin (e.g. the email will be a link to a questionnaire that just displays information, without the need for the client to fill in anything).

To setup your welcome email you can:

Using questionnaires

Step 1: Create a new questionnaire, and name it "welcome" or something similar. You can click here to learn how to create a questionnaire. You can create different welcome questionnaires with variations if you want to send different types of emails to different types of clients.

Step 2: Customize the questionnaire to contain your welcome content. This will typically be an HTML field where you can add formated text, images, and other content. This is similar to adding a disclaimer or legal info (click here for an example) only that you would include your welcome content there

Step 3: Customize the email associated with the questionnaire. You can change this default text to have a summary of your welcome message. You can click here to learn more.

Step 4: Customize the instructions of the questionnaire. You can click here to learn more.

Step 5: Test it out by sending the questionnaire to a mock client with your own email. All the different aspects of the email plus the questionnaire link can be customized, so you can set it up any way you want.

Using appointment email templates

If you just want a simpler interface where the client just gets an email with some text (no button to link to another page like in the questionnaires case) then you can just setup a calendar email template as described here. Be sure to check the box so that the appointment time is not sent with the template.

Once you have your welcome template, then you can create a new appointment in the calendar every time you have a new client and email them the relevant template by choosing from a drop-down menu.

You can test this out by emailing yourself to see how it works.