Do you like NutriAdmin? Do you know someone that is looking for dietitian software like NutriAdmin? If the answer is yes, then you can both benefit from a referral discount.

Every time you refer a friend to NutriAdmin, you will both get a 10% discount in your subscription billing plan. Referral discounts will be applied to billing payments of your subscription plan after the date of the referral. Payments prior to the referral date are not eligible for referral discounts. Referral discounts will remain active for as long as both referee and referrer remain subscribed to a NutriAdmin paid plan. This means that if you refer someone to NutriAdmin and you both remain subscribed to the software for several years, you will both enjoy the discount for this long period. On the other hand, if you refer someone who just tries the software and then cancels his/her account a short time after, the corresponding discount will be disabled as soon as your referee cancels. This policy is in place to encourage the referral of users interested in using the software long-term. Referral discounts will start as soon as the referred person finishes his/her free trial and enters a paid subscription.

Referral discounts can be stacked. This means that every friend you refer to NutriAdmin counts as a 10% discount subscription plans. E.g. if you invite 4 friends, and they all subscribe to NutriAdmin, then you will enjoy a 40% discount in your subscription plan. The maximum discount anyone can get via referrals or any other method is a 100% discount (free subscription) if enough discounts are accumulated. Still, every new person invited to NutriAdmin will get a 10% discount even if you have invited over 10 people.

You can only refer someone to NutriAdmin if you are a user of the software yourself. In order to refer someone, just ask them to include the email address you use for NutriAdmin into the "Refered by" box in the registration form at Discounts will be applied automatically to both your account and the new users' following the rules described in this page. If you have any questions regarding referral discounts, you can email

Finally, as a protection measure, NutriAdmin reserves the right to revoke referral discounts and claim any past discounts back to any subscribed user in the case of suspected abuse or misuse of this policy. Examples include, but are not limited to, the creation and referral of multiple fake accounts by the same individual or group in an attempt to exploit the discount policies or 14-day free trial policies from NutriAdmin.