Paul Foley - Nutritional therapist

Using NutriAdmin as a Functional Medicine Practitioner

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“I thrust complex protocols together with the click of a mouse”

Paul Foley is a BANT registered nutritional therapist and qualified Functional medicine practitioner. At the moment of this interview, he has been using NutriAdmin successfully for 10 months, easily managing the patient records and appointments of his three clinics, proving that NutriAdmin is a useful dietitian charting software.

How did you become a nutritional therapist?

I studied at CNM in London and Functional Medicine with the Functional Medicine University.

What areas of nutrition do you specialize in – what kinds of services do you provide?

Mental health -depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety etc. Lyme Disease & chronic diseases.

How long have you been working as a nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner?

3 years.

What kinds of client information do you store in NutriAdmin?

Everything. All of the case report and their treatment programs.

How do you use reports and templates in NutriAdmin? How are they helpful in your case?

I use these to maximum ability. All my handouts are in template form and I thrust complex protocols together with the click of a mouse.

What kind of system did you use for managing your clients in the past, and why did you decide to switch over to NutriAdmin?

This is the first system I have used. I used paperwork before and I was swimming, nay drowning in paperwork so I had to do something different. This has changed my life!

How does NutriAdmin help you manage appointments in multiple clinics/locations?

I run 3 clinics and have a high patient load so making sure clients get the right details regarding time, address and any reminder notes like “bring 3-day food diary” is really important.
The ability to customize the patient reminder email is a blessing. The reminders have almost eliminated no-shows in the clinics and I have not had anyone turn up at the wrong time or wrong clinic since customizing the reminder system. If you work out of a few clinics then you this function will help enormously.

What kinds of repetitive tasks have you been able to automate (or make more efficient) with NutriAdmin?

The templates are the key and getting up the previous report and building on it. Amazing.

How can NutriAdmin be useful with regards to functional medicine?

It has the antecedents, mediators etc which I use for writing up functional medicine reports.

What would be the main advantage of using NutriAdmin for a busy nutrition professional with a steady stream of client consultations?

Client information storage and treatment management. Our profession is mobile with multiple clinics and with NutriAdmin you can get a client details up with the click of a mouse.

I send them to them and they bring a paper copy which I file away. I would like to automate my questionnaires and this paperwork but it just feels cumbersome or I have not got my head around it yet.

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