Email marketing for nutritionists - how to grow your business

Email marketing for nutritionists – how to grow your business

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There are many ways in which you can grow your nutritionist, dietitian, or nutrition coaching business. The revenue of your practice closely relates to the number of clients you have, the amount of time you spend per client and how much you charge per visit.

In this post I would like to focus mainly on growing your customer base using strategies for email marketing for nutritionists, dietitians and other health professionals.

If you are new to marketing, don’t forget to check our in-depth guide on marketing for nutritionists. This is the best place to get started with everything you need to know about marketing in wellness.

Reasons to use email marketing

1. Get your clients know you and strengthen your relationship.

Generally speaking, people don’t really like transactional services. They would love to know you on a personal level to feel comfortable to reach out to you. As a nutritionists, you are many times trying to overcome your clients’ personal struggles and for them, sharing it with you requires a lot of trust and openness.

2. Boost Sales

If you have a client is very happy with your service, relevant emails are an excellent way of reminding them that you are around to help them, whenever they need it.

3. Reach new clients

If your emails have good quality content, people will share it with their friends. Make sure to make your content shareable on social media. It also always helps to ask your audience to share it if they liked it.

4. Look Professional

There are many tools out there that will make your emails look amazing. Combine it with great content and your clients will be impressed!

5. Learn about your audience

By sending articles on many different topics and tracking metrics such as percentage of opened emails or total number of shares per article, you can easily measure what is your audience interested in the most. This will help you send even more interesting content and increase the engagement.

6. Promote services

Let your customers know about your new services or promotions. Remember to reward your most loyal customers and to encourage them to reach out to you.

How to start

1. Collect emails of your clients and your prospects

There are many ways of gathering emails from people that are interested in your services. For you existing clients, always remember to ask for their email and their permission to send them relevant materials regarding nutrition.
You can also capture emails of people visiting your webpage, by asking them to subscribe or by providing them something useful in exchange for an email. Here are just a few ideas of what you can provide:

  • ebook written by you
  • first visit discount
  • exclusive access to articles that are not published on the blog

2. Use tools to help you automate your campaigns

There are many tools on-line that can help you with your emails. My favourite by far is MailChimp. Below are just some of the advantages of using mailchimp:

  • It is completely free if you have less than 2000 subscribers
  • you can easily add their subscription form to your webpage. They also have styling, so that, it matches your branding
  • they have amazing and super easy email builder which will allow you to create beautiful emails
  • you can segment your audience using campaigns feature you can track email openings and engagement per campaign or list

3. Segment your customers

Group your customers by the goals they want to achieve and create separate campaign for each of this group. In every campaign create emails that will be of value to particular group.

4. Write compelling content

Make sure the content is of high quality and well-targeted. Figure out what is the best frequency of emails, and remember not to spam people. Also, provide the unsubscribe button in every email, so that someone can opt out if not interested any more (MailChimp does it automatically for you).

5. Gather metrics and readjust your campaigns

If you decided to use MailChimp, you can have a look at your statistics and decide what are the subjects and topics that resonate with your audience the most. This will allow you to adjust your campaigns and increase the engagement of your clients with your business.

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