Getting More Traffic to your Nutritionist or Dietitian Website

Getting More Traffic to your Nutritionist or Dietitian Website

5 mins to read.

Today’s article will introduce you to a handful of traffic-building tools. These tools will help bringing more visitors to your nutrition website.

In a few minutes, you will be able to setup a suite of free tools that will enable:

  • Building an email list from your blog
  • Getting more people to share your articles
  • See where visitors to your place are clicking

New to marketing and not sure where to start? Please review our marketing for nutritionists guide first.

Let’s get started!

More visitors, more opportunities

Introducing SumoMe, a suite of tools for building website traffic. You just connect SumoMe to your website, and then you can start using the tools.

In order to setup SumoMe, You can just go to their website and follow some simple steps. It can be done in seconds. Check the below screenshots to see how simple it is.

setting up SumoMe for nutritionists
creating a SumoMe account for nutritionists

Note that as part of the setup process, you will have to copy a special line of code into your website. This is similar to setting up Google Analytics, or other external tools.

If your website is powered by WordPress or other provider, you will probably have an option called code injection or similar. In there, you will be able to copy/paste a line of code that contains the text text/javascript. See an example in the image below.

injecting code into nutritionist website

If you don’t know how to do this step, you can contact your developer and he or she will probably be able to do it in 30 seconds. Finally, feel free to drop me a line on di***@nu********.com if you don’t manage to do it, and I’ll try to help myself.

Once you are setup, you will be able to use SumoMe’s tools for traffic building in your nutritionist website!

Using the tools in your nutritionist website

Configuring the tools will take you 5-10 minutes. You just need to go to your website or blog (where you injected the code from the previous step) and you will see the SumoMe icon. Check the screenshot below.

injecting code into nutritionist website

Now, all you have to do is to switch ON/OFF the different tools you want. Additionally, you can configure specific settings for each of them. It’s that simple!

Let’s now discuss the most useful utilities for you to build more traffic to your nutritionist webpage.

1. Building an email list

Many people will visit your website for different reasons. Some visitors will be kind of interested in your services as a nutritional therapist or dietitian; but perhaps not ready yet for a consultation yet.

Wouldn’t it be great if all those visitors left their email behind before leaving your page forever? Surely it’s much better to have a potential client’s email than to have nothing.

By activating SumoMe’s List Builder tool, you will be able to easily configure a small window popup in your blog or website asking visitors for their email. We use it in the very blog you are reading right now!

When someone is reading an article, this popup will appear towards the end of the reading. If the reader liked the content and would like to receive more in their inbox, then they can subscribe for more!

Some people like to subscribe to blogs, others don’t. For those that do not, the tool will remember so that it’s not shown again. The way this is implemented is designed to not be intrusive, and to make it easy for those that really enjoy your content to receive more. Everyone wins!

building an email list for my nutritionist website

2. Getting more people to share your articles

Another quick win. Simply activate the Share tool. Optionally, you can also enable the Highlighter, and Image sharer tools.

The Share tool, will immediately add social share buttons to your website. This is how we enabled the buttons you see to the left of this page (if you are in a computer) or to the bottom of the screen (if you are reading in a phone).

You probably recognise these buttons from many other websites you’ve seen. Guess what, all those websites (including ours) are using the same tool. Try it yourself today!

More people sharing your articles means more opportunities for you to reach your ideal clients. It also makes it easy for people who really enjoyed your article to share it with friends.

3. See where your visitors are and are not clicking

Want to know if people are really using some special button in your website? Perhaps it’s a contact form you want them to fill in, or maybe you want them to follow you on Twitter.

If you want to know where people click, then all you have to do is to enable the Heatmaps tool. The tool will keep track of all of your visitors’ interactions, and then reveal which are the hot spots of your site.

This information can come in incredibly handy if you want to optimise your website with minimal effort.

For example, you can try moving buttons or important calls-to-action around the website, and check on which version visitors click more often.

The above practice is called A/B testing, and is so effective that almost any online business will benefit from it. Furthermore, you can do a few simple checks that can bring large rewards.


You don’t have to re-invent the wheel! Every time you feel you want to add some extra functionality to your website, such as common traffic building utilities you’ve seen in other websites, then use an existing tool!

The tools presented today will help you gain more visitors to your nutritionist website. Those visitors, will share your content more often, and return also more frequently.

Hope you found the tools useful, and that your traffic grows!

Thanks for reading,

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