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Healthie vs NutriAdmin, features and reviews comparison

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Are you having trouble deciding on the right nutrition software for your practice? Are you considering NutriAdmin as an alternative to Healthie? In this article, we’ll provide you with a detailed Healthie vs NutriAdmin comparison on features, pricing, free trial, and user reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Why trust the author’s comparison?

I’m Lucy, a Nutritionist and Customer Support representative at NutriAdmin. With experience in diverse client needs, I understand the importance of efficient workflows for nutrition and wellness professionals. Since I started working at NutriAdmin, I’ve engaged with various professionals. This helped deepen my understanding of their needs for software solutions for their practice.

Though I work at NutriAdmin and know the platform well, I’ll strive to provide unbiased information. I’ll use data from reliable third-party sources to make the NutriAdmin vs Healthie comparison.

If someone from Healthie is reading this, please reach out if any corrections or updates are needed in the information we’ve provided here. While I’ve tried my best to gather data from publicly accessible sources, mistakes can happen. If there are any inaccuracies about your company, I’d be happy to make the necessary updates.

Goal of this Healthie vs NutriAdmin comparison

Choosing professional software for your business means you’ll be investing both money and time into it. Since the app will hold important client data and your recipes, you’ll probably stick with the one you choose for a long time. Therefore, it’s essential to look at different options carefully and make an informed decision.

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This Healthie and NutriAdmin comparison aims to offer a comprehensive guide to their features, pricing, and user reviews. This can help you in comparing both apps before making an informed decision about the best alternative for your practice.

However, it’s important to clarify what this comparison is not. We’re not trying to convince you to choose NutriAdmin. We understand that every person has their own needs and preferences. Instead, we want to provide you with objective data to help you decide based on what you need and like.

Third-party Data Comparison: Healthie vs NutriAdmin

In this article, we’re utilizing information from a reliable software reviews platform called Capterra. On this website, verified users share their thoughts about different software solutions.

The reviews are checked manually to make sure they’re real, and companies cannot delete negative reviews. This means you’re getting honest reviews from customers, both good and bad. Additionally, I’ve researched data from other websites and the official websites of each company to gather information.

However, feel free to check out other review websites or search on Google, to compare features and user feedback.

Overall Comparison: Healthie and NutriAdmin

On Capterra, both NutriAdmin and Healthie are categorized as nutritionist software. However, despite being listed under the same category, they are quite different apps targeted at different audiences.

capterra nutritionist software

In other words, while both NutriAdmin and Healthie are marketed as solutions for nutrition professionals, they have specific features. Additionally, they cater to slightly different segments within that broader audience.

While each app has its own unique strengths and is designed to meet the specific needs of its intended user group, there may be overlap in certain areas of their features.

Now, let’s move on to the specifics of the features, reviews, and pricing of NutriAdmin and Healthie to help you identify the best nutrition software alternative for your business.

Features Breakdown: Healthie vs NutriAdmin

Working at NutriAdmin, I’m aware of my potential bias due to greater familiarity with NutriAdmin’s features than Healthie’s.

In an effort to minimize this bias and present a balanced comparison, I will use data from the official websites of both Healthie and its alternative, NutriAdmin, to guarantee complete and current information on their respective features. However, since both apps present their features differently on their websites, this article will also present them accordingly.

Healthie Features

Healthie categorized their features into three main parts: practice management, cloud-based EHR, and patient engagement. Aside from the main features, we will also discuss a separate subscription plan, Healthie+. 

Practice Management

  • Scheduling – Book sessions and automate follow-ups.
  • Reporting & Analytics – View patient population data, business forecasting, and usage statistics.
  • Insurance – Create and submit insurance claims, track statuses, and collect patient payments.
  • Billing – Ensures support for all billing methods and compliance with standards.
  • Workflow Automation – automatic reminders, intake documents, confirmations and portal invite. Task management feature and pre-fill fields across charting and billing.

Cloud-based EHR

  • Intake & Onboarding – Use custom forms that seamlessly integrate into patient charts and billing.
  • Charting – Access patient information securely on any device.
  • Care Plans – Apply standard protocols and provide recommendations, resources, and documents progressively.
  • Clinical Tools – Fullscript, E-Labs, E-Rx, referral management and more.
  • Multi-Provider Support – Share resources, collaborate across patients, and set custom permissions as needed for your business.

Patient Engagement

  • Patient Portal – Users can add journal entries, view and share documents, and chat within a secure patient portal.
  • Telehealth & Webinars – Conduct virtual sessions safely on any device.
  • Messaging – HIPAA-compliant messaging platform.
  • Journaling – Increase accountability and long-term success.
  • Programs & Courses – Easily enroll current or potential patients into a preset program.

As you can see, Healthie has many useful practice management features. It also works well with other apps commonly used in practice. You can check their page for more information on these integrations. For meal planning, Healthie integrates with Living Plate Rx. Activation of this integration is free but requires an active Plus Plan (or above) and an active LivingPlateRx membership.

They also offer a Healthie+ plan for larger practices. It includes the features from the other plans as well as customizable paid add-ons, white labeling, premium integrations, and API access. Additionally, it offers advanced reporting and dedicated account manager & implementation support.

NutriAdmin Features

NutriAdmin, as an alternative to Healthie, is an all-in-one software that includes practice management features as well as comprehensive meal planning and recipe management features.

Practice Management Features

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Manage electronic health records and client profiles with customizable fields, securely stored in a HIPAA-compliant cloud.
  • Online Customizable Questionnaires – Easily send branded questionnaires with pre-made forms or custom ones with a single click.
  • One-Click Online Payments – Simplify client billing with Stripe integration.
  • Calendar, Appointments, and Reminders – Manage your schedule efficiently, send available meeting dates to clients, and improve client compliance with automated reminders.
  • Automated Reports and Templates – Quickly generate reports using client data from questionnaires and consultation notes.
  • Client Portal Web App – Provide clients with secure access to their data, including questionnaires, reports, and meal plans, with the option for HIPAA-compliant video calls through a telehealth add-on. While NutriAdmin doesn’t have a mobile app yet, the web app can still be accessed through a phone’s web browser. NutriAdmin is also planning to release a native mobile app this year.

Recipe Management and Meal Planning Features

  • Advanced Recipe Management – Add or search for recipes, seamlessly add them into meal plans, and automatically analyze calories, macros, and micronutrients.
  • AI Recipe Generator – Generate recipes from one-line descriptions with realistic images and automatic nutritional analysis, powered by ChatGPT/OpenAI/Dall-E.
  • Recipes Database – Access dietitian-vetted recipes with customizable search filters for easy integration into meal plans.
  • Nutrition Analysis – Accurately analyze macronutrients and micronutrients from recipes, meal plans and food logs.
  • Meal Planning Software – Access a database of over 100,000 food items across four databases, with automatic generation of nutritional analyses and shopping lists.
  • Meal Plan Generator – Quickly create professional meal plans in just 60 seconds.

The NutriAdmin software also has a Business plan that can help businesses with multiple practitioners to collaborate with each other in terms of client data, schedules, meal plans, reports, and more.

Pricing Comparison and Free Trial, Healthie vs NutriAdmin

Both Healthie and its alternative, NutriAdmin, have free starting plans for new businesses with limited resources to invest in professional nutrition software. Healthie’s cheapest paid plan, Essentials, is $49 per month, while NutriAdmin’s Basic 5 Plan is $24.99 per month.

healthie nutriadmin pricing

To be more transparent, if you want the meal plan generator feature included in your NutriAdmin subscription, you have to choose the Popular Plan for $49.99. However, lower plans still include basic meal planning and most practice management features. You can check NutriAdmin’s pricing page for more details.

According to Healthie’s website, if you want both the practice management features and the meal planning integration with Living Plate Rx, you have to be subscribed to at least the Plus plan, which costs $129 per month.

Both NutriAdmin and Healthie offer a free 14-day trial for you to explore and evaluate if they meet your needs. This will also allow you to compare both apps directly.

Reviews Comparison, NutriAdmin vs Healthie

In the comparison from Capterra user reviews, both nutrition apps reveal that Healthie holds a rating of 4.3 from 70 users. In contrast, its alternative, NutriAdmin, has a higher rating of 4.7 stars from 121 users.

capterra comparison reviews healthie nutriadmin features free trial

To see user reviews from other third-party websites, I’ve included screenshots of the top Google results for Healthie reviews and NutriAdmin reviews. However, please note that Google’s top results may vary depending on your location. Feel free to do further research and read specific reviews to understand both apps’ user experiences.

healthie top google results for reviews pricing free trial alternatives
Healthie reviews top results on Google

nutriadmin top google results for reviews pros cons
NutriAdmin reviews top results on Google

Company comparison, Healthie and NutriAdmin

NutriAdmin is a small, self-funded company founded in 2016, with a team of three individuals. Since its establishment, the company has remained profitable. The owners, who are also software developers, directly manage any arising issues, ensuring prompt responses to issue resolutions, queries, and other updates.

For further insight into NutriAdmin’s philosophy, please refer to this page.

Healthie, similar to its alternative, NutriAdmin, was also founded in 2016 and has between 51-100. They received several rounds of investing. Healthie is a bigger company backed by investors, and a different strategy than NutriAdmin. A larger company like Healthie will most likely work with larger businesses, as evidenced by their specific plan, Healthie+, which caters to businesses serving 10 to 10M patients. You can read their about page for more details.


In this comprehensive Healthie vs NutriAdmin comparison, we’ve examined the features, pricing, user reviews, free trial, and company backgrounds of these two nutrition software solutions.

nutriadmin vs healthie pricing features free trial

While both Healthie and its alternative NutriAdmin cater to nutrition professionals like dietitians and health coaches, they have distinct strengths that may make one a better fit depending on your business needs.

For small to medium-sized nutrition practices, NutriAdmin may be a better alternative to Healthie. Its all-in-one platform combines extensive practice management tools with advanced meal planning and recipe analysis capabilities at a relatively affordable price point compared to Healthie.

For larger enterprises or multi-location practices with thousands of clients, Healthie may be the better option due to its comprehensive Healthie+ plan designed for scalability. Its advanced reporting, inclusion of insurance in billing, and API access make it well-suited to meet the demands of bigger organizations.

This Healthie vs NutriAdmin comparison can serve as a starting point for your decision-making process. Be sure to carefully assess your specific practice needs to determine the nutrition software that would match your workflow and preferences. Although this guide provides comprehensive data, it is important to do your own research and utilize Healthie and NutriAdmin’s features through their free trials to experience and compare them firsthand.

Alternatively, if you want to explore other nutrition software options, you can check out our NutriAdmin alternatives and comparisons page for a summary of features, reviews, free trials, pricing, and more.

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