Monica Durigon

NutriAdmin interview with Monica Durigon, Nutritional Therapist based in the UK

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“I seriously don’t know how I managed before… I cannot imagine being without it now!”

While many professionals decide to save time and effort taking advantage of the meal planning and reporting tools NutriAdmin offers, others like UK based nutritional therapist Monica Durigon get the best of the software through its calendar feature. Using automatic bookings and reminders, nutritionists and therapists like her are able to integrate their booking and calendar system in the very same product they use to manage all their client data, making it an all-in-one professional nutrition software.

How did you become a professional nutritionist?

I have always been interested in nutrition and healthy living… It is part of my cultural background and upbringing in Italy… but I guess the catalyst point was when my daughter got seriously ill at 15 and I wanted to understand how to support her recovery naturally. It was also the right time for me as we decided to move back to UK after having spent the last few years living in Europe and I was ready to start working again. I didn’t want to go back to a corporate job and I was lucky enough to be able to go back to study. I decided to follow a lifelong passion for wellbeing and joined ION in London where I studied for 4 years and graduated in 2014.

How long have you been working as a dietitian/nutritionist?

I graduated from ION in 2014 and worked as a nutritional therapist since then. Before my graduation I was already offering group programs coaching people to lose weight in a healthy weight. I qualified as a weight-loss coach in 2013.

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What areas of nutrition do you specialize in – what kinds of services do you provide?

I work mainly with busy 40 plus professionals and business owners, people who work very hard, travel often and juggle work and family. They find it difficult to look after themselves and to commit the time to do it. As a results they might be fatigued, stressed, overweight or, even worse, already having the symptoms and displaying the signs of different types of imbalances which if not addressed might develop in more serious conditions.

Do you work as a solo-practitioner (e.g. owner of your own business) or as an employee in a larger clinic or medical practice?

I work as a solo-practitioner although I have forged many professional links and relationships with different type of therapists and other types of health and wellbeing providers.

How long have you been using NutriAdmin for?

Since January, 2017.

What are the most time-consuming aspects of your day-to-day work – where does NutriAdmin save you the most time or hassle?

Automatic bookings and reminders of appointments.

How does the process look like in NutriAdmin when you get a new client? How do you setup an appointment with them?

Once I have made the initial discovery call I send an invitation for the client to book on line the most suitable appointment for them.

Do you use multiple calendar email templates in NutriAdmin for different appointment/reminder types? Can you tell us how this works and how it is useful?

Yes I do. I have a calendar which I reserve for clients who I know can only see me late in the evening and on Saturday and a different calendar which I use with those clients I know have more flexibility.
I have blocked out some time for research and writing so that my days do not get all taken up with seeing clients and most importantly I always keep some time off for lunch and my exercise routine.

What kinds of data do you store and manage in NutriAdmin for your client records?

I keep my appointment notes and also a copy of all the communication by email that I receive or send to my clients.

How did you keep track of your clients before using NutriAdmin? Do you feel your data is more organized now?

I seriously don’t know how I managed before… I cannot imagine being without it now!

How would you describe the technical support received in the past any time you’ve had an issue with the software?

Great! The team is always very responsive and quick at dealing with any issues.

Would you recommend NutriAdmin to a colleague? What kinds of nutrition professionals do you think would benefit the most from using this software?

Yes, I would and I have already. I would say that it is perfect for NT.

What kinds of reports do you create and use in the system? How is the reports functionality useful?

I use the report in my own unique way, I guess. I copy and paste any info I prepare and send to my clients so that everything is collected in one safe place in chronological order.

Would you like to say anything else about the software?

I am looking forward to more possibility to integrate the booking site with a calendar on my website so that people can book a discovery call directly form the website. At the moment I am using a different plug in to do that but it is an extra cost and it does sync with my Google calendar but not directly with NutriAdmin. [Note from the NutriAdmin team: this feature was released in 2018] I also would like to be able to be notified about my clients’ birthday so that I can send them my wishes and I would like to receive a notification when I don’t see a client for more than 3 months…that would be a nice reminder to reconnect.

Monica Durigon is a nutritional therapist at Everyday Nutrition.

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