streamlining your workflow as a nutrition consultant

How to streamline your workflow as a nutrition consultant

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Among the different specialties that exist in the field of nutrition are nutrition consultants. These professionals “are versed in how the building blocks of different foods affect the physiology and wellbeing of an individual” (definition from Through eating plans, they help “promote healthy metabolism, good immune response and a healthy body weight”;

Being a nutrition consultant implies working in different aspects of nutrition, so one professional might end up needing to rely on different tools to automate or create an effective workflow with its clients which can be bothersome and a waste of time and resources. Is there an efficient way technology can help integrate all these processes?

As a software for nutrition consultants, NutriAdmin brings together different aspects of nutrition and dietetics such as meal plans, metabolic analysis or client records so efficiency and professionalism meet together in a clean, organized system.

On the other hand, a key aspect of being efficient and effective at work is productivity. Learn how to become a productivity machine by improving your habits and willpower.

Some key aspects of a nutrition consultant’s most common work are:

Eating habits

Nutrition consultants discuss and analyze their clients’ past and current habits, so they would need to compile information to determine specific nutritional requirements.

NutriAdmin allows professionals to easily create personalized questionnaires, to complete client records, and reports that will be securely stored in the system through a HIPAA-compliant cloud and available at any time.

The questionnaires can be sent through the system and their answers will automatically be incorporated in client reports, so no more paper files or double work writing answers into reports back and forth.

Nutrition Education

Educating about the importance of specific foods and nutrients, balanced dietary resources and food choices. NutriAdmin works together with a database of 90,000+ food items and generates automatically nutritional analysis and shopping lists, so both nutritionist and client have the resources they need to maximize their time and effort as well as efficiently meet their goals.

NutriAdmin also allows nutrition consultants to track clients’ goals and progress towards fitness. Your clients’ anthropometry measurements can be tracked over time and downloaded at any time as a PDF report.

Meal plans

Developing meal plans to promote health and wellbeing. Through NutriAdmin’s Meal Plan feature, nutrition consultants can auto-generate a meal plan in a matter of seconds or create one from scratch just going through a few steps.

The meal plans, as well as most of NutriAdmin’s other features, are fully customizable, so professionals will be able to create unique meal plans suitable to any kind of dietary or cultural specifications.

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