NutriAdmin can be used by both individuals and organizations of variable size. In the case of individuals, the pricing is straightforward and is detailed at

In the case of businesses, pricing is proportional to the number of nutritionist/dietitians/practitioners that will use the software – these are the users; and the volume of new clients the business handles per month. To learn more about what counts as a new client per month, please click here.

Any case where there is more than 1 user, or the volume of clients is above 40 new per month, is considered eligible for a business plan at NutriAdmin. Basically, any organization where the basic, popular, and professional plans do not provide enough volume of clients can opt for a custom business plan tailored to its needs.

Price was increased by 25% after April 2022, so you will have to multiply the value from the formula by 1.25 to get the new price

The formula to calculate pricing for a business plan is:

Pricing (USD) = 9.99 + 10 × Nusers + 1 × C0–500 + 0.95 × C501–1000 + 0.9 × C1001–2000 + 0.85 × C 2001+


  • Nusers is the number of users (dietitians/nutritionists), contributing $10 each to the equation.
  • C0–500 is the number of clients in the bracket from 0 to 500 ($1 each).
  • C501–1000 is the number of clients from 501 to 1000 ($0.95 each).
  • C1001–2000 is the number of clients from 1001 to 2000 ($0.90 each).
  • C 2001+ is the number of clients above 2000 ($0.85 each).

The table below summarizes how the pricing is broken down for a few representative cases:

Case Base Nusers ($10 each) C0–500 ($1 each) C501–1000 ($0.95 each) C1001–2000 ($0.90 each) C2001+ ($0.85 each) Total cost (USD)
1 user, 40 new clients p/m $9.99 1 40 0 0 0 $59.99 p/m
3 users, 200 new clients p/m $9.99 3 300 0 0 0 $339.99 p/m
3 users, 600 new clients p/m $9.99 3 500 100 0 0 $634.99 p/m
10 users, 600 new clients p/m $9.99 10 500 100 0 0 $704.99 p/m
10 users, 1000 new clients p/m $9.99 10 500 500 0 0 $1084.99 p/m
10 users, 2000 new clients p/m $9.99 10 500 500 1000 0 $1984.99 p/m
20 users, 2500 new clients p/m $9.99 20 500 500 1000 500 $2509.99 p/m

Extra Notes:

  • All of NutriAdmin features are available for all business plans regardless of their volume.
  • The minimum number of new clients per month for a business plan is 40.
  • The minimum number of clients per user is 20. E.g. for a plan with 5 users, a minimum of 100 new clients per month must be chosen.

How to choose which plan is appropriate

The main driver of cost is the number of new clients per month. This is because our costs at NutriAdmin (in terms of data storage, security, processing power, etc) scale up with the number of clients managed in each account. At the same time, the more clients an organization has, the more revenue it will (presumably) generate as a total.

The cost of NutriAdmin can be roughly estimated as around $1 per new client per month. This rule of thumb for pricing can be used to quickly estimate the return on investment the software can provide for a business.

For example, if each client brings in only $10 in revenue (e.g. a business with a large volume of one-off clients that purchase something small, like a book), then the cost of NutriAdmin will probably be too high. However, if each client brings in a larger quantity (e.g. a business where clients buy products on a recurring basis, or spend amounts above $100) then the software represents only a small expense and will probably represent positive ROI for the company (the time saved in administrative tasks will far outweigh the relatively small cost per client).

Why is there a minimum of 20 clients per user?

The minimum is there because if the number of clients drops too low, it might reach a point where the business plan offers a better deal than the other plans for less price.

For example, a business plan with 1 user and 10 clients would cost $29.99, which is the same price and number of clients than the basic plan, but with the recipes database and meal plan auto-generation added in there for free. These 2 features are available in the popular plan onwards because we, at NutriAdmin, have to pay extra to the database providers (third parties) for the use of their service.

If someone created a business plan with very little clients and then used the recipes database a lot, we could reach a point where the costs of usage from an individual would be higher than the monthly fees we charge, hence, it would make it unprofitable for us to provide the service.

With the minimum of 20 clients per month, per user, this ensures that plans with little users and clients are exactly equivalent to their corresponding popular/professional plans for individual use.