When you go to nutriadmin.com to login to your account, you will see three different login options to choose from. In this article, we're going to discuss their differences and functionalities.

different login pages

Log In To NutriAdmin

This login page is intended for nutritionists, personal trainers, coaches, and other wellness professionals who are current subscribers of NutriAdmin. This also applies to team members covered under the Business Plan.

This will direct users to their dashboard where they can use NutriAdmin features for their practice.

user login
This is what will appear once you select Log In To NutriAdmin.

Client Portal Login

This is the dedicated page where clients can log in to view reports, access questionnaires and meal plans, and have video calls with their practitioner.

client portal login
When you select Client Portal Login, this is what will show up.

Business Login

This is the dedicated login page for business administrators, or those subscribed to the Business Plan. From here, they can efficiently manage team members, including adding or removing them, and access billing details.

business login
Upon selecting Business Login, this is what will appear.