If you're looking to purchase, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel the Telehealth and AI Recipe Generator add-ons in NutriAdmin, this tutorial will guide you through the process step by step.

There are two ways to access the page to manage your add-ons:

Option 1 - Billing Info

Click on your name on the right side of your dashboard.

user name on dashboard

Select My Billing Info.

my billing info

Option 2 - Manage Plan

When you go to AI Recipe Generator, Import Recipe File/URL, and Videochat parts of your dashboard, you will see the usage in your plan along with a clickable link to Manage plan.

manage plan

Once you follow the instructions above, you will be directed to your billing page. You can now manage the add-on you want.

Upgrade and Downgrade Add-On

To upgrade or downgrade your plan, you can change the number of units depending on your need.

For example, the default for AI Recipes is 20 recipes&images/month which is equal to 1 unit. If you need more and upgrade, you can change the number of units to 2, 3,4, etc.

In contrast, if you need less and downgrade, you can just the number of units depending on your need.

When you change the Number of units to buy, the values below will also change. This way you will see how many recipes or hours per month you will get as well as the equivalent price.

upgrade recipe add on
Upgrade Add-on to 2 units
downgrade plan
Downgrade Plan to 1 unit

Cancel Add-on

If you don't need your add-on anymore and want to cancel, simply change the Number of units to buy to zero.

cancel add on
Cancel Add-on

If you want to know when the charges for the changes would apply, you can read this article for more information.