Yes, this is possible with some caveats.

For example, imagine you have clients in the USA and in Europe (some prefer lbs and others Kg for their units). You could do the following:

  1. Create and customize your questionnaire with your personal preferred units, e.g. lbs. Call the questionnaire in such a way you know the units used on it, e.g. the name could be "Intake questionnaire - USA"
  2. When your questionnaire is complete, you can create a duplicate as explained here. You can call the duplicate "Intake questionnaire - Europe" for example.
  3. You can then edit the duplicate and change the units for Europe.
  4. When you have a new client, you can choose whether to send them the US or Europe questionnaire.
  5. If you want to add the questionnaires as links or as part of a web widget in your website, you can add both options and make it clear for clients which one they should choose based on their location.

The caveat is that the system only supports one set of units for you, you can change those in the settings (click here to learn more). So when you are reviewing a questionnaire completed by a client, you can see the units the client entered, but if you want to use those values for formulas, you may have to convert the units yourself. One way to automate this process is by using fields linked to the client overview section of the record, but this is a bit more advanced. You can click here to learn more.