You may wonder why your bill for this month is a bit higher than before or why were you charged extra this month. This article will explain why this happens.

You may be charged for add-ons like AI Recipes With ChatGPT, HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth when you avail a Basic Plan and chose to add these features. This may also happen when you request to change or upgrade from one plan to another. The changes in plans and add-ons are effective immediately and you can use the additional features and other benefits straight away but you won't be charged right away. We calculate how much additional charges you should pay and add it will apply on your upcoming billing cycle.

If you process online payments in NutriAdmin using our integration with Stripe, Stripe will charge payment processing fees. You won't see those in your NutriAdmin bill though, as they are handled by Stripe as an automatic deduction in payments processed.

For example, on Sept 3rd you added the add-on for AI recipes. On that date, you were not billed any extra. Then, when your billing cycle renews the charge is to reflect the period between September and October where you had the add-on but had not been billed for it yet.

We prorate charges, meaning that when you change plans, add/remove products the next bill is updated to add a surcharge or a discount to account for those charges. The amounts are calculated proportionally to the time spent in each plan.

It works both ways. If you were to reduce your plan, you would get a discount in the next bill to account for that.

The reason we do things this way is to consolidate charges once a month. After all, you could change plans many times and get many small charges/adjustments. There are fees for processing card payments, and transactions may get blocked if too many of them are handled in a short period of time, that's why we prorate and combine charges.

Finally, if the difference in your price when changing plans is above USD$100, we will charge the difference immediately. This happens for example with bigger business plans, or with yearly plans, e.g. switching from a $1000/year to a $1500/year plan will trigger an immediate charge for the difference, since otherwise it would be potentially several months until the next bill.

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