When you start using NutriAdmin, you will receive a variety of emails from the system in your inbox. This is a summary of the different kinds of emails that you will receive, and how you can organize your inbox to categorize them or keep track of them.

There are mainly two types of emails from NutriAdmin:

  • Important notifications, e.g. a client completing a questionnaire
  • Information that you may want to keep for your records but does not require immediate action.

Most email providers, such as Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo allow you to create automatic filters in your inbox. These filters can route incoming email to specific folders, mark it as important, or even ignore it completely. Here are a couple of rules for how to correctly identify and characterize the different kinds of emails from NutriAdmin. If you set some filters in your email, you will be able to better organize emails from NutriAdmin in your inbox. This is especially useful if you have a very busy inbox.

Notification emails

These are the kinds of emails that you probably want to mark as important and keep track of since they usually require an action on your part.

  1. When a client completes a questionnaire, you will receive an email from "no-reply@nutriadmin.com" with the subject "New Questionnaire Completed". You can filter these emails as important so that you never miss when a client completes a questionnaire.

  2. When a client suggests appointments, the email will have a subject "New Appointment Suggestions". You can also mark those as important since they require an action on your part.

  3. Similarly, you will receive an email with the subject "New Payment Received" when a client pays for one of your services online.

The notification emails listed above will include the client's name, and a link to a tutorial explaining how to take the appropriate action, e.g. reviewing a questionnaire or confirming an appointment.

Informational emails

These are emails that don't usually require an action on your part, so you may disregard them. These emails are always sent with your client's email in the "TO" field, and with yourself on the "CC" email field.

  1. When you send a questionnaire to a client, send appointment slots, or an appointment confirmation, you will be CC'ed in the email. These could be emails with a subject such as "Action required. Please fill in Health Questionnaire from Diego".

  2. When you confirm, update the time/date, or cancel an appointment, you will also be CC'ed in the email.

  3. When you sent appointment slots or a payment request to a client, you will also be CC'ed in the email.

As a general rule, you may want to filter emails from "no-reply@nutriadmin.com" where you are CC'ed to a specific folder so that they don't clutter your inbox. You can check the folder occasionally to confirm whether a particular email was sent, for example, but you shouldn't need to keep track of these normally.

Other emails

You may also receive other emails from NutriAdmin, such as:

  1. Notification when your free trial period is about to end.
  2. Notification if your last card payment failed.
  3. Introductory tutorials to NutriAdmin when you just signed up (you can unsubscribe from these if you prefer).