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Foodzilla vs NutriAdmin: Features and Reviews Comparison

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Are you a nutrition or wellness professional trying to choose between Foodzilla and NutriAdmin? This blog post aims to provide a straightforward analysis based on features comparison, pricing, free trial, and reviews of Foodzilla and NutriAdmin. Moreover, it is designed to help you determine the better nutrition software alternative between Foodzilla vs NutriAdmin. An unbiased approach will be used through the inclusion of third-party reliable data, assisting you in making an informed decision.


I’m Lucy, a nutritionist, and part of NutriAdmin‘s customer support team. As a dietitian myself, I understand the challenges faced by nutrition and wellness professionals. Particularly when they’re trying to find software that can make their workflow more efficient.

Working at NutriAdmin has provided me with the opportunity to engage with nutritionists, personal trainers, coaches, as well as other wellness professionals from different countries.

Being part of NutriAdmin, I recognize the potential for bias. But rest assured, I’ll do my best to maintain impartiality in this article. I’ll utilize data from reliable third-party sources as well as information from Foodzilla’s website. This ensures that we do not omit any important details. After all, our main objective is to assist you in making well-informed decisions regarding the software that best aligns with your practice.

If anyone from Foodzilla comes across this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there are any corrections needed. While I’ve made efforts to gather information from publicly available sources, errors can occur. Therefore, if there’s anything inaccurate about your company, I’m open to making necessary updates.

Foodzilla vs NutriAdmin, comparison from third-party data

In this article, I’ll include details about Foodzilla vs NutriAdmin sourced from Capterra. Additionally, Capterra is a platform where users can review various software products, enabling them to share their experiences and feedback.

internet search to show foodzilla vs nutriadmin comparison including free trial features

For someone to post a review on Capterra, they must be a verified user of the app. Additionally, the Capterra team takes the extra step of manually reviewing each submission to ensure they come from real, active users of each software. Vendors cannot pay to have negative reviews removed. This ensures you receive the most unbiased customer feedback.

However, you’re welcome to compare with other review sites. You can also explore alternative methods for evaluating features and user feedback, such as searching on Google.

Foodzilla and NutriAdmin, overall comparison

If you search for Foodzilla on Capterra, you will quickly notice that its top alternative is NutriAdmin. The reason for this is because they are both nutrition software with meal planning features. As I looked into Foodzilla’s website, I noticed that many of their features closely resemble those of NutriAdmin. We’ll delve deeper into this topic later in this article.

comparison of popular foodzilla vs nutriadmin free trial
Foodzilla vs NutriAdmin comparison, free trial, pricing, total features

NutriAdmin vs Foodzilla, reviews comparison

In the comparison below, user reviews from Capterra for both nutrition apps reveal that Foodzilla holds a rating of 4.3 from 22 users. In contrast, its top alternative, NutriAdmin, has a higher rating of 4.7 stars from 121 users.

foodzilla vs nutriadmin reviews comparison

Given the significant difference in the number of users who reviewed Foodzilla, I believe it would be fair to consider other websites that provide rating reviews for it. Furthermore, I’ve included screenshots of some of the ratings I found. Feel free to explore other options aside from the ones shown below.

app store review free app foodzilla
foodzilla software advice rating pricing free trial
foodzilla getapp rating free trial pricing cost

Foodzilla and NutriAdmin, pros and cons

Verified users on Capterra leave comments on the pros and cons of each software. The screenshot below displays the top reviews of Foodzilla vs NutriAdmin from real users.

pros and cons

Foodzilla and NutriAdmin, Features Breakdown

Since I work at NutriAdmin, I have more knowledge about its features compared to Foodzilla. To ensure fairness, I’ll extensively review Foodzilla’s features available on their website as well as in Capterra’s comparison. By doing so, this will help minimize bias and provide a comprehensive comparison.

Capterra’s Features Comparison, NutriAdmin vs Foodzilla

Out of the 41 standard features listed on Capterra for nutritionist software, Foodzilla offers 29, whereas its alternative, NutriAdmin, provides more with 34 out of 41 features.

features cont

Foodzilla’s Comparison with NutriAdmin

While researching this topic, I noticed that Foodzilla’s article comparing itself with NutriAdmin is one of the top results in Google when you search for Foodzilla vs NutriAdmin.

However, I find it disappointing that they not only entirely omitted details about NutriAdmin, which is the purpose of a comparison article. Additionally, they claimed that having a feature that auto-generates a meal plan is unique to their software.

Having written comparison articles with other software, I know this claim is false, as NutriAdmin and some of its alternatives, such as Evolution Nutrition, also have this feature. Also, we allow competitors to reach out and comment if we have stated something inaccurately in comparison articles, which they haven’t done.

Foodzilla Features

On Foodzilla’s features page, the primary message emphasizes “The features you need to stay productive while delivering excellent care.” These features are categorized, and I will now list each one as presented on their website.

Food Databases and Recipes

  • Nutrition Database
  • Wholefoods Database
  • Recipe Database
  • Dietitian-Approved Recipes
  • Food Analysis
  • Recipe Filters
  • Recipe Builder
  • Recipe PDFs
  • Tips and Description
  • Recipe Duplication
  • Custom Foods
  • Custom Labels
  • Personalized Recipe Access
  • Recipe Import
  • Food Data Import

Artificial Intelligence

  • Food Recognition
  • Image Generation
  • Cooking Steps Generation

Meal Planning

  • Flexible Meal Planner
  • Automated Meal Plans
  • Evidence-Based Templates
  • Meal Plan PDFs & Links
  • Meal Plan Templates
  • Automated Templates
  • Save Recipes From Meal Plan
  • Meal Planning With Templates
  • Convert Meal Plans To Templates (Coming Soon)
  • Automated Planning With Your Recipes
  • Multiple Items Per Meal
  • Meal Plan Recurrence
  • Drag & Drop
  • Smart Grocery Lists
  • Secured PDFs
  • Visual Planning
  • Instant Sharing
  • Client-Centric Nutrition Guidance

Client Management

  • Mobile App for Clients
  • Mobile App Customisations
  • Flexible Client Registration
  • Manage Health Goals
  • Secure Messaging
  • Food Diaries
  • Log Foods for Clients
  • Log Exercises for Clients
  • Log Water for Clients
  • Notes & Files
  • Nutrition & Exercise Reports
  • Import From Cliniko


  • Branding Settings
  • Branded Mobile App
  • Branded PDFs
  • Branded Email
  • Profile Photo
  • Web Links

App Integrations

  • Cliniko Integration
  • Apple Health
  • Google Fit (Coming Soon)
  • Fitness Devices
  • Zapier Integration

Team Collaboration

  • Team Management
  • Role-Based Access
  • Sharing Recipes and Foods
  • Sharing Templates and Meal Plans
  • Client Handoff
  • Client Communication

Foodzilla offers a long list of impressive meal planning and progress monitoring and tracking features. However, if you require a nutritionist software with professional management features such as maintaining client records including health information and history, managing appointments and schedules, and facilitating online payments, you have two options: either subscribe and integrate with Cliniko for an additional fee, or select another software that includes all the mentioned features like Foodzilla’s alternative, NutriAdmin.

NutriAdmin Features

The primary message on NutriAdmin’s features page states, “Learn how NutriAdmin will help you save time, eliminate paperwork, and stay organized.” NutriAdmin showcases its features differently compared to Foodzilla. Therefore, the list might not resemble the one on Foodzilla’s features as presented in this article.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Manage your client Electronic Health Records efficiently.
  • Private Notes – conveniently organize data with tables, checkboxes, and labeled fields for quick note-taking during patient consultations.
  • Automate reports.
  • Integrate with Dropbox.
  • Track Client Status – automatically track client status, such as new, recent consultation, follow-up, pending actions, etc.
  • Let clients work for you – seamlessly integrate questionnaires, intake forms, as well as food diaries completed by clients into the system.

Meal Planning Software

Meal Plan Generator

  • Select precise calorie and macronutrient preferences.
  • Access over 40 diets and 18 cuisines seamlessly within the diet meal planner.
  • Customize prep time and number of meals per day.
  • Exclude specific ingredients – including dislikes, intolerances, and allergies.
  • Specify cooking equipment and ingredients from various world regions.
  • Benefit from professional photography and straightforward recipe instructions.
  • Tailor generated plans and incorporate your branding.
  • Share plans with clients as PDFs or through the client portal.

Recipe Management Software

  • Organize all your recipes securely in one place.
  • Customize and create your own recipes.
  • Utilize the AI recipe generator for quick recipe creation.
  • Search our recipes database with advanced filters.
  • Import recipes from external websites effortlessly.
  • Download branded and customizable PDFs of your recipes.
  • Easily edit recipes and make variations.
  • Access macronutrient and micronutrient analysis for recipes.
  • Utilize our meal planning software to assemble recipes into plans.

Online Payments

  • Bill your clients with one click.
  • Powered by Stripe.
  • Secure Infrastructure.
  • Transparent pricing – NutriAdmin does not impose additional charges in addition to Stripe’s fees.
  • Multiple currencies supported.
  • Send receipts automatically.
  • Effortlessly record transactions – this feature automatically records Stripe transactions and additionally provides an option to record manual payments.
  • Set up subscriptions.


  • Send forms with one click.
  • Keep client data safe.
  • Create multiple questionnaires or use premade ones like nutritional assessment form, personal training intake form, and more.
  • Synchronize data automatically.
  • Be flexible with your clients – allows clients to complete questionnaires online from any device, without requiring special software installation.
  • Personalize your branding.

Calendar and Appointments

  • Send appointment slots with one click.
  • Configure multiple working schedules.
  • Sync with Google Calendar – also possible with other online calendars.
  • Send automatic confirmations.
  • Never miss an appointment – receive notifications whenever a client books an appointment date for prompt review.
  • Eliminate paper files.
  • Send client appointment reminders.
  • Access your calendar everywhere.

Reports and Templates

  • Create reports by ticking boxes – allows users to extract data from questionnaires as well as private notes.
  • Never write anything twice.
  • Leverage report templates of your reusable content.
  • Export in PDF format.

Client Portal

  • Share documents with one click – questionnaires, meal plans, or reports.
  • Accessible anywhere – web-based app accessible on any device with an internet connection.
  • Secure by Design – clients must meet password complexity requirements and undergo phone verification. All document sharing occurs within our secure environment.
  • Automatic email notifications – your clients receive automated emails when you share documents, and you receive an email notification when clients submit questionnaires.
  • Customized with your branding

NutriAdmin vs Foodzilla, pricing comparison

Foodzilla offers a Basic plan priced at $29 USD per month, which is described as best for nutrition analysis and recipe management. Moreover, their Starter Plan, ideal for meal planning and seamless nutrition management, is available at $39 USD per month.

Additionally, their Professional Plan, described as a comprehensive platform for personalized client management and meal planning, is priced at $74 USD per month. This plan includes all features available on their website. For full pricing details, you can check their pricing page here.

NutriAdmin’s pricing starts at $24.99 USD for the Basic 5 Plan, which includes client management, as well as basic recipe and meal planning features. NutriAdmin also offers a free Starter Plan for students and new businesses, but it has limitations on included features. You can check this link for details.

Additionally, NutriAdmin offers the Professional Plan, priced at $49.99 USD which includes features such as the automatic meal plan generator and recipes database search, among others. You can check NutriAdmin’s pricing page for details on the other available plans, as well as details on the features included for each plan.

Foodzilla appears to be more expensive than its alternative, NutriAdmin, especially considering that NutriAdmin offers more features beyond meal planning and tracking. 

However, you can compare both pricing and features for Foodzilla and NutriAdmin to review which software is the best alternative that meets your specific needs and provides the most value for money in your opinion.

NutriAdmin vs Foodzilla, Free Trial

On a positive note, exploring NutriAdmin and Foodzilla is made easier with their free trials, allowing users to test their features. Foodzilla offers a 10-day trial period, providing you ample time to try its functionalities.

On the other hand, NutriAdmin offers a 14-day free trial, allowing you to thoroughly experience its features. Additionally, make the most of the free trials to fully try out NutriAdmin and Foodzilla. This will help you decide based on your own experience.

nutriadmin foodzilla pricing  free trial comparison

Company Comparison Review, Foodzilla vs NutriAdmin

Nutriadmin and Foodzilla are both small companies with small teams and have a sole focus on one app. However, they both still have differences in operations and strategies.

people in a meeting smiling

Foodzilla is founded in New Zealand with a team of 5 people, along with 3 others who assist the team from time to time. Their company follows a customer-funded and bootstrapped approach, prioritizing clients over investors. For further details, you can check their About page here.

NutriAdmin is a privately owned company with a team of three individuals. Funded solely by its founders, Diego and Magda, since its establishment in 2016, the company operates without outside investors. This allows the founders to make decisions aligned with their values and integrity. Consequently, this approach enables them to prioritize their vision for the company without compromise.

You can learn more about NutriAdmin’s philosophy on this page.

Foodzilla vs NutriAdmin, security comparison

According to Foodzilla’s security page, they have comprehensive measures in place to secure data. However, they are not yet HIPAA and GDPR compliant, which is required by health and nutrition professionals in the US and UK, as well as in many other countries.

NutriAdmin complies with a variety of regulations and has security measures to ensure safety and privacy. For further details, you can click here to check NutriAdmin’s HIPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA and related documents.


Foodzilla offers advanced meal planning as well as progress tracking features, with a rating of 4.3 stars on Capterra. In contrast, NutriAdmin provides an all-in-one software solution with both practice management and advanced meal planning features, with a rating of 4.7 stars on Capterra. Notably, NutriAdmin reviews shows higher ratings compared to Foodzilla.

nutriadmin foodzilla free trial pricing features reviews

You can integrate Foodzilla with Cliniko, a practice management software, but this means paying for two subscriptions. However, integration may not be as smooth as having all the functionality in one app like NutriAdmin. If you need both meal plans and administrative tools, NutriAdmin could be a more budget-friendly and practical choice in terms of pricing compared to Foodzilla. But if you only need one side of the features, you can consider each option separately.

Both software options are great for making your practice more efficient. However, this guide is merely here to assist you in comparing Foodzilla and NutriAdmin’s reviews, features, and pricing.

You are the one who can ultimately decide which one is best and most likely to fit your needs. Therefore, take your time and conduct your own research. Finally, seize the opportunity to try both NutriAdmin and Foodzilla for free through their respective free trials.

If you need further insights on identifying the best meal planning apps, best apps for nutritionists, or best apps for personal trainers, feel free to refer to our comprehensive guides.

Alternatively, if you want to explore other top nutrition software options, you can check out our NutriAdmin alternatives and comparisons page. This page provides a summary comparison of apps based on features, pricing, free trials, reviews, and more!

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