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Best Meal Planning App for Professionals Comparison and Top 5

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Are you a nutrition and fitness professional searching for the best meal planning app? Is meal planning consuming too much of your valuable time, leaving you unable to focus on other important tasks? Wondering which meal planning apps rank at the top based on feedback from other professionals and reliable third-party comparisons?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss factors that professionals consider in meal planning apps, as well as ways to assess if they have the features you need. Additionally, we’ll delve into other key factors to help you choose the best app for your practice.

As more people focus on their health by changing their diet, the demand for meal planning and healthy options is growing. This creates new opportunities for nutrition and fitness professionals. Furthermore, there is now a wide range of meal planning apps available for both individuals and professionals.

Keep reading to discover the top meal planning apps for professionals. Stay until the end to download a PDF guide for selecting the best app. This way, you can make your own research and determine which app suits your business best.

Who can benefit from this guide?

If you are a nutritionist, dietitian, personal trainer, or wellness coach looking for a software solution to streamline your meal planning tasks, this guide is for you.

who can benefit from this best meal planning app guide

It is crucial to select the best meal planning software that fits your needs. The software you choose is likely to be used for a long time. It is one of the most important investments in your practice. It’s where you’ll store your carefully curated recipes, meal plans, and possibly client information if needed. With this in mind, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and make a careful decision before committing to one app.

Comparison between meal planning apps for individuals and professionals

You might search for “best meal planning apps” on Google. However, these results may not be specific to your needs as a professional. Many apps available are designed for individuals rather than professionals. As a result, some features you require may not be available. Below is a comparison to help you get an idea about their differences.

What is a meal planning app?

A meal planning app is a tool that helps users plan, organize, and prepare meals by offering features like customizable meal plans, recipe databases, grocery lists, and nutritional information.

What is a meal planning app for professionals?

A meal planning app for professionals is a specialized tool that assists nutritionists, personal trainers, coaches, and wellness professionals in creating customized meal plans for their clients. These apps offer advanced features such as meal plan generation, recipe management, client management, progress tracking, nutrition analysis, collaboration tools, and automatic calculations for metrics like BMI and BMR. Additionally, they allow professionals to provide meal plans and recipes with their own branding.

Why choosing the right app is beneficial for your practice

Meal planning is one of the most time-consuming tasks for professionals who offer meal plans as part of their services. Unless you have extensive experience in meal planning and a system in place to expedite the process, it can take hours or even a whole day.

Assessing clients’ needs and selecting appropriate recipes based on their preferences, budget, time constraints, and health conditions can be time-consuming. Creating meal plans that they will actually adhere to requires significant time and effort.

While meal planning can be a valuable service in your practice, it’s not ideal if it consumes too much of your time. This could compromise other important aspects of your practice that are essential for assisting your clients in achieving their goals.

Consider this article as insider knowledge that can provide you with ideas on factors to consider when choosing a meal planning app, as well as insights into the top meal planning apps available for professionals.

Advantages professionals can gain from using a meal planning app

  • Automatically generate customized meal plans, saving you time in the creation process.
  • Securely keep your recipes so that you can easily use it in meal plans.
  • Conveniently edit and reuse recipes and meal plans.
  • Efficiently share meal plans with your clients.
  • Accurately analyze calories, macros, and micronutrients in recipes, meal plans, and food diaries.
  • Generate professional-looking meal plans and recipe PDFs with your own branding.
  • and many more!

As an example, NutriAdmin, along with most meal planning software available, includes an automatic meal planner. This feature allows you to input parameters such as calories, macros, diets, and the number of meals. It also enables you to specify available ingredients, preferred cuisines, and more. After inputting your parameters, it automatically generates a combination of meals. These include recipes and food items that fit all the parameters you entered.

This saves you a lot of time in making meal plans manually. What can take hours to days can be done in a few minutes.

What makes me a reliable source for choosing the best meal planning apps?

You might be wondering, who is this author and what makes her qualified to make these statements?

pen and paper with question marks

I’m Lucy, a dietitian by profession who has made hundreds, if not thousands, of meal plans in my career. I have also experienced how meal planning can be tedious and time-consuming. Additionally, I work with NutriAdmin, a software for nutritionists that also functions as a meal plan software, as a customer support representative.

You may think that I could be biased because I work with NutriAdmin. There may be instances where this is true. After all, I’m more familiar with NutriAdmin than other apps. However, I still believe you’ll find this article useful, and I’ll explain why below.

Working as a customer support representative at NutriAdmin, I engage with a diverse range of nutrition, fitness, and wellness professionals. They come from various countries and look for meal planning apps for their practice. This includes current NutriAdmin users and individuals on a free trial. It also involves those who have discovered the software online and are curious about its capabilities for meal planning.

Through these experiences, I’ve gained insights into what professionals care about and the features they need when finding the best meal planner app for their practice.

Now, you might be asking yourself, why would you write an article featuring competitors?

Meal planning apps have competitors

I could ignore other competitors and only discuss our own product. However, we cannot ignore the fact that they exist. All you have to do is do a quick search on Google and you’ll see them all. Therefore, there’s no reason for me to conceal competing apps from you.

Meal planning apps only generate revenue from long-term users

NutriAdmin’s Co-founder, Diego, wrote an article about the best apps for nutritionists and best apps for coaches. He explained how apps like NutriAdmin mainly earn money when users find the software valuable for a long time. Therefore, if I convince you to sign up for NutriAdmin through this article, but it’s not the right fit for you, we both waste time.

According to Diego, our best users will appreciate NutriAdmin and remain subscribed for years. On the other hand, users who aren’t the right fit typically cancel within a few days or weeks. NutriAdmin makes 95% of its income from long-term users. This will most likely be similar to other meal planning apps.

My aim is to offer you accurate, honest details to assist you in making an informed decision about which app suits you best. Ultimately, if NutriAdmin doesn’t meet your requirements after signing up, it won’t benefit either of us financially.

The best app can be subjective

In NutriAdmin, we acknowledge that every customer’s needs are different. We understand that their needs might not align with the features we currently have, and that’s okay.

Some users switch to NutriAdmin from other meal planning apps. Conversely, we also inquire about the reasons for canceling their subscription when users choose to do so. Approximately 5% of our users cancel their subscription, citing that they are switching to a competitor.

Users who switch from NutriAdmin and those who cancel their subscription in NutriAdmin mention the same few competitors.

The following are the professional meal planning apps frequently mentioned:

When users subscribe to or cancel their subscription to NutriAdmin, they typically include comments on what they like about NutriAdmin or the competitor app. Conversely, they also mention what is lacking or what they don’t like about the apps.

This proves that the best meal planning app depends on the needs of the user. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing a meal planning app. Since the mentioned meal planning apps are repeatedly mentioned, it can be observed that these apps are among the most commonly used and preferred by professionals.

Product rankings may lack reliability

When searching for products or services such as meal planning apps, people often turn to Google for comparison reviews or the most recommended apps. You might search for “best [product or service category]” to find top suggestions.

searching in Google about top meal planning apps for professionals

Marketers are aware of this and use it to their advantage. That’s why you will always find plenty of results when searching for comparisons or product reviews on Google for meal planning apps. This might actually be how you discovered this specific article.

The following are some reasons why product rankings can be unreliable:


Product rankings can be influenced by various factors, including potential biases like sponsorships or partnerships with specific companies. For instance, a meal planning software company might pay to get a higher ranking in reviews, which could make their product seem better, even if it doesn’t necessarily meet users’ needs.

Limited Criteria

Rankings may not consider all relevant factors when evaluating meal planning software. Some reviews may focus solely on pricing or user interface, while neglecting important aspects like nutrition analysis capabilities, recipe database size, or customer support quality.

Lack of Transparency

Some product rankings may not disclose how they determine their rankings or what criteria they use. Without transparency, users may not know if the rankings are based on objective evaluation or subjective opinions.

Outdated Information

Rankings may not be regularly updated to reflect changes in the market or new product developments, leading to outdated information that does not accurately represent the current landscape of meal planning software.

Factors to consider when choosing meal planning apps

Before you search for the best meal planning app for your practice or compare available apps in the market, it is best to create a list of the features you need and other factors you are looking for. You can get ideas from the guide questions below to create a list of what you want the meal planning app to include. You can expand it based on your needs.

  • Does the app offer customizable meal plans tailored to individual client needs?
  • Can the app accommodate various dietary preferences and restrictions?
  • Does the app provide tools for client management and progress tracking?
  • Is the app user-friendly and intuitive for both professionals and clients?
  • Does the app offer comprehensive nutrition analysis and reporting features?
  • Are there collaboration and communication tools to facilitate interaction with clients?
  • Can the app integrate with other software or platforms you use in your practice?
  • Does the app provide reliable customer support and training resources?
  • What is the cost structure of the app, and does it fit within your budget?
  • Is the app secure and compliant with data protection regulations?
  • Does the app offer a free trial or demo for me to test its functionality before committing?
  • Are there any reviews or testimonials from other professionals about their experience with the app?

How can you find the best meal planning apps?

When you Google “best meal planning app,” you may see a lot of results, but the majority of them are not tailored for professionals like you. Instead, they are likely meal planning apps designed for individuals, such as MyFitnessPal, which focus on calorie and macros tracking.

When you try to find good restaurants, you will probably look for reviews from Google or Yelp. Similarly, when you shop online, you make sure it’s a reliable or official store where you can also see reviews and ratings to ensure it fits your needs and preferences. Likewise, there’s also specialized websites where you can find comparisons and reliable reviews for your meal planning app needs.

The best website to search for these is Capterra. Capterra is a reputable software review platform known for its verified reviews and specialization in software. They take an extra step to manually check every review to ensure it is from a verified user. This sets it apart from general-purpose review sites.

Other well-known software review sites include Software Advice and GetApp, which is owned by Gartner, the parent company of Capterra. G2Crowd is also a notable alternative in this space.

Searching Meal Planning Apps in Capterra

If you search for the best software within a specific category like meal planning, Capterra’s comparisons and lists are likely to be the top result on Google. When you search for a software in Capterra, it will give you a long list of available software. You can also choose 2 or more software and compare their features, pricing, detailed reviews, and more.

What makes Capterra reliable is that they display both positive and negative reviews of each software. If a user submits a negative review with comments, the software company cannot pay Capterra to remove it. This ensures that you will always get to see actual user reviews, both good and bad.

Limitations for finding meal planning apps in Capterra

There is no specific category for meal planning apps in Capterra. As a workaround, you can search for “nutritionist software” instead. Capterra provides a checklist on the side where you can choose the price range, features you need, or other factors, and it will show you software suggestions that match. You can choose to tick the meal planning option in the features checklist to filter results to only include apps that have meal planning features.

capterra features checklist for meal planning apps comparison

Another limitation in Capterra is that it is not able to show all meal planning apps for nutritionists and personal trainers that are available in the market. For example, you cannot find information about Eat This Much on Capterra. Additionally, some of the app information is not updated, as is the case with Evolution Nutrition.

Other ways to find the best meal planning app for you

Aside from software comparison websites like Capterra, there are many ways to find the best meal planning app for your practice.

searching on the internet

Google Search using key phrases

Although I mentioned that searching for meal planning apps on Google may not yield the exact results you need, you can still utilize it. To improve your chances of finding relevant results, you can use different key phrases and be specific.

Some of the phrases you can use to search are:

  • Meal Planning Software
  • Meal Planning Software for [insert your profession]
  • Meal Planning Software for Professionals
  • Meal Plan Generator
  • Automatic Meal Planner

Recommendations from colleagues and peers in the industry

If you have a colleague or someone you know in the industry who practices similarly to you, you can ask them for recommendations on software that has worked well for them. Additionally, you can utilize forums and niche groups like those on Facebook to ask questions about meal planning apps they use. You can then compile a list of these apps and conduct further research on each one.

Top 5 meal planning apps for professionals

Considering all the factors discussed above, I am narrowing down the list to include only the meal planning apps I consider to be the top 5. Although I am including NutriAdmin in the list, I will provide data and facts to justify this decision. You can then assess whether these reasons seem reasonable to you. As always, you are free to do your own research on which apps are the top choices for you.

The factors I considered for choosing the best meal planning apps includes:

  • The competitors most frequently mentioned by our own customers.
  • Meal planning apps from Capterra and other third-party websites.
  • Software that is made for professionals like nutritionists, dietitians, coaches, and wellness professionals. I also included one top app for individuals.
  • Objective data about the companies, including features, pricing, available online reviews, and other relevant information.

The list is not ranked and is in no specific order. I don’t believe there is a single “best” app for everyone, as each app has unique aspects that may be better or worse for you based on your needs.

I compiled the following information to the best of my knowledge. If you, as a reader, or any of the companies’ representatives notice any inaccuracies, please feel free to reach out at te**@nu********.com, and I will make the necessary corrections.


Logonutriadmin logo
Year Founded2016
Review Rating4.7 / 5 stars in Capterra
Company taglineAll-in-one software for nutritionists, personal trainers, and wellness professionals. Create easy-to-follow meal plans that drive results in 60 seconds & manage all your clients in one secure, organized place.
PricingStarts at $0/mo (limited) or $24.99/mo. Check NutriAdmin pricing
Free trial14-days free trial
Meal Planning FeaturesGenerate meal plans with customizable calories and macros, featuring 40+ diets and 18 cuisines, along with other filters. Customize with your branding, share plans as PDFs or via the client portal, and conduct complete nutritional analyses. Automatically calculate BMR, BMI, and other metrics for clients. Query databases including USDA, AUSNUT, UK, and branded foods. Easily compare macros and micros of foods and recipes, and incorporate custom foods and recipes you create. Demo Meal Plan Generator Link
Other FeaturesIncludes client records, questionnaires, online payments, reports and templates, client portal web app (mobile app to be released this year), and more. Aims at being an all-in-one-solution for nutrition practice. Check NutriAdmin Features.

Evolution Nutrition

LogoEvolution Nutrition
Year Founded2009
Review Rating4.3 / 5 stars in Capterra
Company taglineEvolve your fitness business with professional meal plan programs crafted by Registered Dietitians. From vegan to paleo and everything in between – get access to over 4,400 nutrition focused meal plans covering 22 diet category types.
PricingStarts at $59/mo. Check Evolution Nutrition Pricing
Free trialNo Free Trial Option
Meal Planning Features4,400+ Meal Plans, with 22 different meal plan categories, fully automated meal planning, client self-service meal planning, food swap, generate shopping lists, add your own recipes, add your own foods / supplements, build your own meal plans from scratch, access to mobile app. Sample Meal Plan Link
Other FeaturesIntegration with ABC Trainerize. Check Evolution Nutrition Features

That Clean Life

Logothat clean life
Year Founded2014
Review Rating4.7 / 5 stars in G2Crowd
Company taglineNutrition planning for health professionals. Finally, a simple way to provide beautiful nutrition guidance to your clients. Built for high-performance professionals.
PricingStarts at $30/mo. Check That Clean Life Pricing
Free trialNo Free Trial Option
Meal Planning FeaturesFlexible meal planning, over 100 ways to filter recipes, automatic meal plan generator, meal plan templates, recipes database, easy to share meal plans.
FeaturesIntegration with Practice Better. Check That Clean Life Features

Eat This Much Pro

Logoeat this much logo
Year Founded2011 – previously named as
Review Rating4.7 / 5 stars in Apple Store
Company taglinePowerful, Fast Meal Planning To Level Up Your Business
PricingStarts at $59/mo. Check Eat This Much Pro pricing details
Free trial14-day free trial
Meal Planning FeaturesAutomatic meal planner based on goals, create your own recipe and meal plans, add your own branding, email PDF meal plans to clients, grocery list, utilize leftovers, provide app access to clients, service your clients in one spot. Sample Meal Plan Link


Year Founded2005
Review Rating4.8 / 5 stars in Apple Store
Company taglineMyFitnessPal provides powerful tools that make it easier for everyone to live a healthier life by tracking meals and physical activity.
PricingWith a free version. $19.99/mo. Check MyFitnessPal pricing details
Free trial30-day free trial
FeaturesNutrition and weight tracking, exercise tracking, barcode scan and meal scan, macro tracking with custom goals, intermittent fasting, food insights and comparison, net carbs mode, guided meal and workout plans. Both web and mobile apps. Check MyFitnessPal features

Other meal planning apps

There are many meal planning apps available designed for nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, coaches, and other wellness professionals. Some examples include Nutrium, Foodzilla, Meal Garden, Nutritics, Nutritio, Nutrition Maker, and more.

If you’re just starting out and unable to invest in any meal planning apps yet, you can explore other alternatives to begin creating meal plans. You can always consider signing up for paid software once your client base grows.

Simple tools like pen and paper can be enough when you’re just starting out, or you can use Google Docs or Excel for a more organized approach to storing recipes and meal plans

You can check out our comprehensive guide on how to make a meal plan for practical tips on making professional meal plans for free.

There are so many meal planning apps available today, making it impossible to list them all. It’s essential to conduct your own research and consider your needs. The ones mentioned above are what I believe to be the best meal planning apps.

Guide to testing meal planning apps

Selecting the best meal planning app for your practice is crucial for improving your workflow and client communication. With so many options available, it can be hard to choose.

To help you make an informed decision, here are some tips to consider when selecting the best meal planning app for your practice:

Know Your Needs

Before selecting a meal planning app, it’s essential to identify the specific features and functionalities that are crucial for your practice. Start by making a list of the features that you consider non-negotiable, as well as those that would be nice to have.

By carefully assessing these factors and creating a detailed list of your requirements, you can compare and choose meal planning apps that meet your specific needs, making your practice easier and more organized.

Research Available Options

Conduct thorough research to identify the meal planning apps available in the market. Start by exploring online reviews and rankings, software comparison websites, and seeking recommendations from colleagues or peers in your industry.

Pay attention to both positive and negative feedback to gain a comprehensive understanding of each app’s strengths and weaknesses. Compile a list of potential options based on your findings and compare them with other meal planning apps.

Utilize information on meal planning apps’ websites

Once you have compiled a list of available meal planning apps from Google, comparison websites, or peer recommendations, you can thoroughly examine each of their websites.

Look into the details of the features they offer. Take notes on the features that stand out to you. Lastly, compare them to determine which ones align best with your professional needs.

After gathering this information, you can make a detailed comparison between your top meal planning apps to determine which one best suits your requirements and preferences.

Cost vs Value

When assessing meal planning apps, it’s important to weigh both their cost and the value they deliver. Compare the pricing of each meal plan app with its features and functionalities.

Look for an app that fits within your budget while still offering the tools and capabilities that you need. Ensure that the app you choose includes the features essential to your needs, as some apps may have fewer, yet more effective features.

However, keep in mind that not all apps with fewer features are necessarily better; sometimes, they may lack functionality due to limited development efforts.

Evaluate integration or choose an all-in-one software solution

Assess the availability of integration options offered by meal planning apps, or alternatively, opt for a comprehensive, all-inclusive software solution.

Integration capabilities enable seamless connection with other tools or platforms you use in your practice, such as client management systems or fitness tracking apps.

Alternatively, an all-in-one software offers various features in a single platform, reducing the need for multiple tools and simplifying your workflow. Consider your needs and compare whether integration or an all-in-one solution suits you best.

Meal Plans and Recipes

When searching for meal planning apps, users should prioritize features related to meal plans and recipes. Some essential features to look for include:

Customizable Meal Plans

The meal planning app should generate personalized meal plans tailored to individual dietary needs, preferences, and goals. This means that users should be able to input specific dietary requirements, such as allergies or intolerances, and preferences like vegan, paleo, or ketogenic diets. Some even have filters for diets to manage some health conditions such as Wahls Protocol, Diabetes, Anti-inflammatory diet, and more.

Additionally, the app should consider nutritional goals such as calorie deficit for weight loss, muscle gain, or maintenance, and provide meal plans that align with these objectives. Overall, the app should offer flexibility and customization to meet each client’s unique needs.

Recipe Management

Many professionals have their own set of favorite recipes that they use with their clients. Being able to easily store and incorporate these recipes into their meal plans is essential for efficiency and consistency.

Recipe Database

Access to a diverse and extensive recipes database, including options for various cuisines, dietary preferences, and specific health conditions. This feature complements your recipes and introduces new cuisines and flavors to clients.

Assess if the app’s recipes are simple, easy to make, and if the ingredients are accessible to your clients. Additionally, consider whether the types of dishes offered align with your clients’ preferences.

This way, you can ensure that your clients will be more compliant with the meal plans. Providing them with complicated recipes may reduce compliance and effectiveness.

Nutritional Analysis

The meal planning app should provide comprehensive and accurate nutritional analysis for every recipe and meal plan it generates. This analysis should include detailed information such as calorie count, macronutrient breakdown (protein, carbohydrates, fats), and micronutrient details (vitamins, minerals).

Users should be able to view this information for each recipe individually as well as for the entire meal plan.

Nutritional analysis is also crucial for evaluating clients’ food intake accurately, especially when reviewing their food logs or diaries.

Ingredient Substitutions

The meal planning app should offer the option to customize recipes by allowing users to substitute ingredients. This feature enables users to accommodate allergies, dietary restrictions, as well as personal preferences easily.

Portion Adjustments

The meal planning app should allow users to adjust serving sizes and portion quantities within meal plans. This feature enables users to customize plans to meet individual calorie and nutritional needs easily.

Shopping List

The app should automatically generate grocery lists based on selected recipes and meal plans. This streamlines the shopping process and helps reduce food waste by ensuring clients only buy what they need. Additionally, this feature enhances convenience and efficiency for both the practitioner and their clients.

Meal Plan Sharing

Select apps that offer features for easily sharing meal plans and recipes with your clients. Then, compare them to find the most convenient meal planning app for you.

These collaboration tools facilitate communication and enhance the level of engagement between you and your clients.


Select a meal planning app that can grow alongside your practice. Additionally, look for apps that offer flexible features and pricing plans. This way, they can accommodate an expanding client base and increasing workload as your practice evolves.

Use meal planning apps’ free trials, if available

Take advantage of meal planning apps’ free trials, if available. These trials offer you the opportunity to test the app’s features and functionality firsthand before making a commitment. By utilizing the free trial period, you can assess whether the app meets your needs, is user-friendly, and aligns with your workflow.

Additionally, it allows you to make a more informed decision about whether to invest in the full version. This will help you evaluate if it’s the right fit for your needs and test other factors like customer support.

However, if a free trial is unavailable, you can consider subscribing to the lowest available plan to try out the app. Alternatively, you can explore other resources such as demo or tutorial videos.

Downloadable checklist for choosing the best meal planning app

To simplify your search process, we’ve developed a checklist to help you choose the best meal planning app. It covers all the important factors you need to consider to make an informed decision.

So, which meal planning app is the best?

Only you can answer this question. Your needs, preferences, and budget are unique to you, making it essential for you to evaluate which is the best meal planning app for your practice.

It’s important to consider factors such as features, ease of use, pricing, and customer support. It can help in determining which meal planning app is most suitable for your specific requirements, and make necessary comparisons.

Any company asserting itself as the best should back up their claim with solid evidence. While it’s simple for marketers to make such claims, it’s important to see if they are supported by facts.

Indications of an excellent meal planning apps include positive reviews, long-term customer satisfaction, a long-standing presence in the market, etc. However, ultimately, you’ll need to try out promising apps to determine if they’re suitable for your needs.

Key Takeaways

I hope this article can give you enough insights and tips to help you find an app that will fit your practice needs. Make use of the tools and resources mentioned, such as insider knowledge and reliable third-party data. Additionally, these practical tips will help you find the best meal planning app for you.

Including NutriAdmin in the ranking list of top 5 meal planning apps may seem biased. However, it can be justified since NutriAdmin reviews shows that it has one of the highest ratings (4.7/5) based on Capterra. Additionally, the app’s quality features, extensive functionality, and competitive pricing support its inclusion. You can check the NutriAdmin alternatives and comparisons page for a summary comparison of other nutrition software options.

However, I wouldn’t go as far as claiming that NutriAdmin is the best meal planning app on the market. We’ve received both positive and negative feedback from nutritionists, personal trainers, coaches, and other wellness professionals who have tried our app. This may also be true for other meal planning apps.

While some customers may consider App A the best, others may prefer a different app. Ultimately, only you as the user can decide which is the “best meal planning app”.

Switching to a different app and transferring data can be a hassle. Therefore, it’s essential to research and try different options before committing to one.

I hope you find this guide useful. If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, feel free to reach out, and I will take the necessary actions.

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