#11 How to Build a Social Media Presence as a Coach or Nutritionist (feat. Finlay McLaren)

#11 How to Build a Social Media Presence as a Coach or Nutritionist (feat. Finlay McLaren)

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This is episode 11 of The Nutritionist Podcast. The podcast made for nutritionists, where we interview experts and bring you topics of interest ranging from nutrition research, to business skills, case studies, stories, and more.

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Episode description

In today’s episode of The Nutritionist Podcast, Diego from NutriAdmin will be interviewing Finlay MacLaren. Finlay is on a mission to help people Build their health so they can live the life they want, you can see his passion from the content he publishes online!

Finlay is a strength and nutrition coach. Finlay is also the Chatting Fit Podcast Host, a Strength Athlete, and an Entrepreneur. He holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Physical Activity from the University of Bristol.

One of the traits that makes Finlay stand out amongst coaches is that he has a background in business too as well as in nutrition/fitness. His coaching business has allowed him to blend together these two passions of his to serve clients.

Today’s episode is packed with marketing tips and strategies that Finlay uses himself to grow his audience. You will learn:

• The crucial importance of word of mouth and story-telling, using case studies and testimonials

• How to grow an audience in social media starting from scratch

• How to create content that your customers will engage with

• How to test out multiple approaches to content until you find something that resonates with your audience

• The mindset you must have to build rapport with clients and build your brand

• Tips on coaching and helping clients succeed

• The importance of picking a niche in your market, and how you can test out different types of client profiles until you find an audience that you synergise with

If you are a nutritionist, coach, personal trainer, or anyone else in the fitness & wellness space trying to grow a private practice/business then this episode is for you! They don’t teach you these kind of real-life marketing skills in school!

You can learn more about Finlay in the following social media channels:

Instagram – @finlay_squats and @Chatting_fit_

LinkedIn – Finlay Maclaren

Youtube – @Chatting Fit

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#11 How to Build a Social Media Presence as a Coach or Nutritionist (feat. Finlay McLaren)

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