Nutritionist Free Website in Wordpress – Customising Your Page

Nutritionist Free Website in WordPress – Customising Your Page

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This is the second part of this post, where you can learn how to create your nutritionist or nutrition coaching free website in 5 minutes.

At the end of the previous article, we had a website looking like this:

nutritionist website header

free website for nutritionists 2
Obviously, the website is a generic template at this stage. The good thing is that there are many useful elements in the template that can be customised to suit your needs.

Managing your site in WordPress

This article will demonstrate a few quick examples on how to edit your free WordPress site. Having a professional looking website presenting your nutrition practice and its services is really easy in 2016.

Firstly, you will need to login to your site’s admin dashboard by clicking on:

login to WordPress to edit your nutritionist webpage

If you don’t remember your username and password, you can check creating a free website for nutritionists and dietitians – The last steps are about choosing these credentials.

Once you manage to login, you will be presented with the Reader view. Click on My Site on the top left corner to access the panel where you can edit your page.
Wordpress Dashboard

Your site’s dashboard allows you to manage all aspects of your own website. For example, you can check really useful statists about who is visiting your page – similar to Google Analytics.
Wordpress analytics for own site

The Blog Posts section will enable you to write articles and content. Read this post to learn more about content marketing for nutritionists and how it can help you get more customers.

blog posts for nutritionists

Editing your nutritionist WordPress site

In order to change the content on your site, click on pages on the side menu.
editing pages of nutritionist site
Here you can add a new pages, or edit existing ones. Let’s change the Home page! Click on the 3 dots, then on edit as illustrated in the image below
edit content of nutritionist wordpress webpage
You will be presented with the content of the home page. This includes an image and text. You can change both here to suit your needs.
content of the home page
Let’s change the text and image to something more appropriate
changing image and text of home page

There are many options on the side menu you can play with. Once you’re done editing you can preview or update your site. Changes will be available immediately on your website for everyone to see.

If you want to add an extra page, you can click on add on the pages menu from the dashboard.
adding a new page

Enter the title, link, and content (highlighted in red) as the main components of your new page. You can customise further and add plenty of fancy stuff as well. Feel free to play with the software as much as you want!

Adding a new services page

You don’t need to care about the layout in the page or other technical aspects because those are managed automatically by the WordPress theme you chose for your site. Let’s see how to customise themes next.

Customising your WordPress page for nutritionists

In order to customise your new site, click on Themes >> Customise. Note that you can also change your theme here, choosing amongst a variety of free and paid themes.
customising a theme in WordPress

The customiser lets you edit pretty much anything in your site via an easy-to-use graphical interface. Let’s edit the title of the page! Just click on the pencil icons to change different parts of the interface.
Customiser for nutritionist site in WordPress
changing title of page

You can browse through the different options in the side menu to change fonts, styles, etc.

Finally, if you don’t like the theme you chose initially, you can browse through the library of existing themes and pick a new one. Your content will be re-positioned in the new layout.


In the interest of keeping this article simple and short, that’s all for today. Hopefully you will now be able to at lest edit and customise the base elements of your new free nutritionist website.

There are far too many options, configurations, etc for you to customise your site; and it wouldn’t be practical to list them all in here. I hope this article gives you at least a feel for how easy it is to have a website nowadays.

The bottom line is: Don’t be intimidated by the apparent technical difficulty; you can create your own website if you wish. It’s easy – even enjoyable. In my case, I personally have a lot of fun designing and building NutriAdmin, ensuring it looks nice and works well.

Hope you found this article useful and thanks for reading. If you liked this article, feel free to subscribe in the yellow box below. We send by email the best article of the week to subscribers every Friday.

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