Whitelabeling involves using software provided by another company but with your own branding so that it looks like it's custom built for your company. In NutriAdmin, due to technical constraints, we are unable to send emails such as questionnaires, appointment confirmations, reminders, and other client content directly from a NutriAdmin user's email address.

This limitation is not intended to showcase NutriAdmin's branding to users' clients. The reason we can't send emails from your address is because customizing it is technically complicated. The presence of NutriAdmin URLs in certain instances is solely for technical reasons, aiming to facilitate functionality rather than to promote NutriAdmin to the clients of our users, as it does not serve our benefit in doing so.

Emails from NutriAdmin like questionnaires, appointments, etc. will always be hosted in a nutriadmin.com domain. As a workaround, you can customize the logo that would appear on the email as well as the email sender name to your own or your company name, but you cannot host it directly in a site.

Although the email would come from no-reply@nutriadmin.com, your name/company name can be shown as the sender and your logo will be shown in the email as shown below:

email customize logo and sender name

For meal plans, you can:

Step 1: Download the meal plan as a PDF.
Step 2: Upload it to a suitable place on your website.
Step 3: Share link with client from your website.

Alternatively, you can share an invite to NutriAdmin's client portal. In your website, you can have a page called, "Log in to your portal", with a button that links to https://api.nutriadmin.com/client/login. Once the client logs in to the portal, they will see your logo but it will be hosted in a NutriAdmin domain.

To learn how to set up your branding on NutriAdmin, you can follow this tutorial.
If you want to change the name your clients see as the email sender when receiving an email from NutriAdmin, check out this link.