#8 Holistic Nutrition with a Mediterranean Twist (feat. Barbara Karafokas)

#8 Holistic Nutrition with a Mediterranean Twist (feat. Barbara Karafokas)

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This is episode 8 of The Nutritionist Podcast. The podcast made for nutritionists, where we interview experts and bring you topics of interest ranging from nutrition research, to business skills, case studies, stories, and more.

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Episode description

Episode 8 introduces our fourth external guest, Barbara Karafokas. Barbara is a qualified Holistic Nutritionist earning a MSc., a member of the Pancyprian Association of Nutritionists, and also holds a certificate in #Paediatric #Nutrition to assist parents facing gut issues with their children from 4 months of age.

Barbara brings a blend of skills to her practice and teaching. For over twenty years she has been committed to creating awareness about the hidden dangers to health. She promotes healthy eating, a healthy lifestyle combined with the Mediterranean diet, the raw food diet, wholefood supplements, herbs, exercise, stress management advice and other healthy lifestyle tips.

As a health, nutrition, and wellness consultant, she offers counselling in person or online. Her passion is to inspire and empower others to create the life that they dream of, content and free from disease.

This episode discusses a whole systems approach, delving into nutrition, not just in terms of nutrients, but also from a social and philosophical perspective. To all those interested in Barbara’s work, please check out her links to her social media and website, listed below:

Website: https://www.barbarakarafokas.com/holistic-nutritionist-barbara-karafokas.html

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#8 Holistic Nutrition with a Mediterranean Twist (feat. Barbara Karafokas)- The Nutritionist Podcast

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