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#10 Learning About Gut Health and the Clinical Approach (feat. Jan Macfarlane)

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This is episode 10 of The Nutritionist Podcast. The podcast made for nutritionists, where we interview experts and bring you topics of interest ranging from nutrition research, to business skills, case studies, stories, and more.

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Episode description

Jan is an Accredited Clinical Nutritionist. Specialising in evidence based functional testing and treatments; Autoimmunity, Gastrointestinal Disorders i.e. IBS/SIBO, Ulcerative Colitis/Crohn’s/IBD, Hyperpermeability/Leaky Gut, Microbiome Restoration, Pyrrole/Mauve factor, MTHFR, Family planning/Pregnancy. The list does go on and on.

She’s based in Adelaide Australia and has been working for over 10 years as a resident nutritionist, nutritionist feature writer, and clinical nutritionist.

Within this episode we talk all things gut health and discuss her style of fusion which incorporates both holistic and clinical nutrition. To all those out there looking to learn more about your gut health or simply want to know the kind of work Jan does, this is the episode for you.

You can learn more about Jan and her work in her website at: www.janmarie.com.au

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#10 Learning About Gut Health / Clinical Approach (feat. Jan Macfarlane) – The Nutritionist Podcast