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That Clean Life vs NutriAdmin Comparison and Reviews

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Are you a nutrition professional looking for the best nutrition planning app? Are you trying to decide which software to subscribe to: That Clean Life or NutriAdmin? Making the right choice between these two can significantly impact your practice’s efficiency and client satisfaction. In this deep-dive comparison, we aim to discuss the key features, free trial, pricing, and reviews of That Clean Life and NutriAdmin, helping you make an informed decision on the best software alternative for your practice.

Author’s Credibility

I’m Lucy, a Nutritionist and Customer Support Staff at NutriAdmin. My work as a dietitian, along with daily interactions with nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, and coaches using or interested in NutriAdmin, has allowed me to gain insight into their practice needs.

Many nutrition and wellness professionals who are interested in NutriAdmin often share common concerns. This includes wanting more efficient workflows and saving time in creating meal plans.

Whether you’re a nutritionist, personal trainer, or health coach, I aim to provide you with an unbiased and detailed comparison guide to help you select the right app for your practice between That Clean Life and NutriAdmin.The goal of this article is not to convince you to subscribe to NutriAdmin but to offer information to help you make an informed decision.

If anyone from That Clean Life sees this, feel free to reach out for any corrections. While my primary goal is to ensure accuracy by using publicly available sources, I acknowledge that errors may occasionally happen in the information provided. I am open to updating necessary information regarding That Clean Life to maintain the most current and precise information available.

Overall Comparison of That Clean Life and NutriAdmin

That Clean Life and NutriAdmin are two distinct nutrition software with unique features, yet they share some similarities.

That Clean Life focuses on nutrition planning features designed specifically for health professionals. Its main features include automatic meal planning and over 140 meal plan templates for various conditions. This allows professionals to save time and effort, while ensuring that their clients receive individualized and effective nutrition plans.

On the other hand, NutriAdmin, an alternative to That Clean Life, is designed to be an all-in-one solution for nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, and coaches. Apart from offering comprehensive meal planning and recipe management features, NutriAdmin also provides practice management tools. This enables professionals to access all client data, handle administrative tasks, and meal planning within one secure app.

To guarantee objectivity, I will utilize data from reputable third-party websites such as Capterra and G2 for reference in rating and user reviews for both That Clean Life and NutriAdmin. Additionally, for features, pricing, and information on free trials, I will gather information from That Clean Life and NutriAdmin’s official websites to ensure I do not overlook any details and present as much relevant information.

Ultimately, the decision to choose a nutrition planning software for your practice will depend on your preferences and needs. Some important factors you might want to consider are user-friendliness, feature comprehensiveness, pricing, and support. Additionally, it is important to review user feedback for both NutriAdmin and That Clean Life to understand the pros and cons of each app based on user experiences.

Reviews Comparison: NutriAdmin vs That Clean Life

NutriAdmin has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Capterra, showcasing strong user satisfaction and performance. That Clean Life also maintains a positive review on G2, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5, demonstrating user satisfaction with its features.

tcl rating on g2

nutriadmin that clean life alternative rating on capterra

Some of you may wonder why the ratings came from different software review websites. This is because That Clean Life cannot be found on Capterra and other software review websites. It is only available on the website. I did not use NutriAdmin reviews from G2 since it shows only one 5-star review for it.

Furthermore, I have chosen these specific websites because they have a significant number of reviews from users. This approach enables providing enough information on the overall satisfaction for both That Clean Life and NutriAdmin based on reviews. Both Capterra and G2 are among the top software review platforms that enable users to provide feedback, offering insights into software strengths and weaknesses based on user experience.

That Clean Life Reviews

Reviews on That Clean Life cover a range of opinions, including both positive and constructive feedback from users who have experienced the platform’s features.

Below is a screenshot of recent reviews for That Clean Life according to G2.

NutriAdmin Reviews

Like That Clean Life, its alternative, NutriAdmin, also has varied reviews showcasing its strengths and weaknesses. In this screenshot from Capterra, it shows the top NutriAdmin reviews, including both positive and negative.

Features Breakdown, That Clean Life vs NutriAdmin

Comparing the features and functionalities of That Clean Life and NutriAdmin is important. It shows professionals how each platform can streamline tasks and workflows, saving time and boosting efficiency.

Given that I work at NutriAdmin, I recognize the potential bias due to my greater familiarity with NutriAdmin’s features compared to its alternative, That Clean Life. To maintain objectivity, I will use information from That Clean Life’s website and ensure that all features are included. I will also add links to their website so you can easily access and look into details on your own.

It is important to acknowledge that each software platform has its unique way of showcasing its features. Therefore, the presentation of feature data here will vary accordingly. Given That Clean Life’s focus on meal planning features, I will outline and provide a comparison of NutriAdmin’s meal planning features.

That Clean Life Features

According to their website, That Clean Life offers seamless meal planning with personalized nutrition plans, powerful filters, automatic meal plan generation, diverse templates, recipes for all diet types, and easy sharing.

  • Stay organized with collections: Enhance focus and reduce clutter by organizing meal plans and recipes your way.
  • Templates: Save time using over 140 customizable templates for various needs.
  • Great support: For tech support or business advice.
  • Save time with snippets: Increase efficiency by saving and applying frequently used text blocks with a single click.
  • Advanced themes: Personalize the appearance of your PDFs with three theme options.
  • Modern unit systems: Opt for Metric, US, or a mix of both units to suit your clients.
  • Complete prep guides: Detailed guides help clients follow meal plans while staying organized.
  • Nutrition analysis: Nutrition API includes real-time nutrition data in all meal plans and recipes.
  • Smart grocery lists: Lists are automatically generated and updated based on your meal plan recipes.
  • Trustworthy research: Evidence-based research supports essential nutrients in each template.
  • Recipe swaps: Easily exchange recipes in a meal plan with suitable alternatives.
  • Bookmarks: Save frequently used filters for future one-click application.
  • Lightweight recipe editor: Modify recipes or input your own with automatic nutrition analysis.
  • Share stats: Quickly access views, exports, and audience data for your shared items.
  • Attachments: Enhance nutrition plans by including links and rich text for additional information.

That Clean Life integrates with Practice Better, a practice management software. However, a separate subscription is required if you want to use Practice Better.

NutriAdmin Features

There are several ways to make customized meal plans in NutriAdmin:

  • Create a new plan from scratch using your own recipes.
  • Use a combination of your own recipes and NutriAdmin’s database of nutritionist-vetted recipes.
  • Use the meal plan generator to create meal plans.
  • Re-use or make adjustments to your saved meal plans.

Recipes and Meal Plans

  • Recipe Management: Create, customize, and securely manage all your recipes in one organized place.
  • AI Recipe Generator: Use AI to create recipes tailored to your clients’ needs.
  • Recipe Database: Access a vast library of dietitian-vetted recipes for a diverse range of options.
  • Automatic Meal Planner: Generate individualized meal plans in as fast as 60 seconds with parameters such as calories, macros, 41 diet filters, maximum ready time, cuisines, and more.
  • Nutrition Analysis: Provide clients with accurate macronutrient and micronutrient information on recipes and meal plans.

In addition to the meal planning features, NutriAdmin offers other practice management features such as electronic health records, online questionnaires, online payments, calendar and appointments scheduling, automated reports, and a client portal web app.

Pricing Comparison and Free Trial, That Clean Life vs NutriAdmin

When choosing nutrition software, pricing is important as it is one of the first aspects to consider. Ask yourself, how much are you willing to pay for a professional app? On the other hand, it is also important to consider not only the cost but also the features included in the plan. Moreover, finding a balance between price and the available features you need is one way to decide which app to choose.

that clean life nutriadmin pricing and free trial

That Clean Life Pricing

That Clean Life offers individuals two pricing options, starting at $30 USD per month. This pricing serves as an entry point for those interested in trying That Clean Life and accessing its meal planning features, as they do not offer a free trial option. The other pricing option available on That Clean Life is the Plus plan, which costs $60 USD per month.

You can check That Clean Life’s pricing page here for more details on the inclusions in each plan.

NutriAdmin Pricing

NutriAdmin offers various pricing options, with the Basic 5 Plan being the most affordable at $24.99 USD per month. A free Starter Plan is also available for students and new businesses, albeit with limited features, enabling them to access professional software as they start out.

For transparency, to access advanced meal planning features such as the meal plan generator, a user must subscribe to a Popular Plan for $49.99 USD per month.

A different pricing plan is also available for businesses that cater to a high volume of clients or those that work in teams. For more details on inclusions for each plan, you can check NutriAdmin’s pricing page.

Free Trial, That Clean Life vs NutriAdmin

While That Clean Life does not offer a free trial, its alternative, NutriAdmin, provides a 14-day trial period for users to test and experience the software with no obligation, offering a more comprehensive and risk-free introduction to its services. Although you can opt to try That Clean Life through their lowest pricing plan available at $30 USD for a month.

Company comparison, That Clean Life and NutriAdmin

That Clean Life was established in 2014 with a small team of nine persons. Their team has spearheaded and completed projects in various startups and high-performance settings. In 2023, That Clean Life was acquired by Practice Better, a practice management platform for health coaches and wellness practitioners.

For more information on That Clean Life, you can read their about page here.

NutriAdmin is comprised of a team of three individuals and has been profitable since its establishment in 2016. As a self-funded company, the owners, who are also software developers, are actively engaged in managing operations, development, and addressing user inquiries to provide exceptional customer support.

For more information of NutriAdmin’s principles, please check out this page.

That Clean Life vs NutriAdmin, Target Market

Understanding the target market of each company allows you to determine who the app is designed for. Furthermore, this knowledge will help ensure that the app, its features, and future updates are designed with your needs in mind, making the software more useful to you.

That Clean Life’s Mission

Empower health professionals with tools to provide nutrition guidance in the most beautiful, simplest way.

NutriAdmin’s Mission

All-in-one software for nutritionists, personal trainers, and wellness professionals. Create easy-to-follow meal plans that drive results in 60 seconds & manage all your clients in one secure, organized place.

That Clean Life has positioned itself to appeal to a broad audience of health professionals, with a focus on nutrition planning, typically targeting dietitians and nutritionists.

nutriadmin that clean life comparison reviews features pricing free trial

On the other hand, NutriAdmin aims to be an all-in-one software solution for practice management and meal planning for nutrition, fitness, and other wellness professionals.

If you need meal planning software as a health professional or use Practice Better as your practice management software, That Clean Life could be a better fit. Alternatively, if you are a nutrition or fitness professional who needs practice management and meal planning features in one app, NutriAdmin will be a better alternative to That Clean Life.


That Clean Life and NutriAdmin are two nutritionist software platforms targeting different markets with unique features. That Clean Life offers specialized meal planning for health professionals, including over 140 templates for various health conditions. On the other hand, NutriAdmin offers a an all-in-one solution. It covers advanced meal planning and recipe management features. Additionally, it includes practice management features.

Reflecting on competitor reviews, it’s evident that both apps have built a strong user base. NutriAdmin scored 4.7 out of 5 on Capterra. That Clean Life, on the other hand, achieved a positive 4.6 out of 5 rating on G2.

The competitor pricing for these two applications is also competitive. That Clean Life offers two pricing plans starting at $30 USD per month. On the other hand, NutriAdmin is slightly more accessible. It offers multiple pricing options, starting from $24.99 USD per month for the Basic 5 Plan.

When comparing competitor free trials, NutriAdmin offers a 14-day trial period for potential users to experience the software without obligation. Unfortunately, That Clean Life does not provide a similar opportunity.

While this comparison provides a comprehensive overview of both apps, it’s important to conduct further research. Ultimately, the choice between these two will largely depend on your individual preferences, requirements, and budget.

Trying out the free NutriAdmin trial and That Clean Life’s lowest pricing plan can provide invaluable firsthand experience, further aiding you in making a decision.

If you want to read more information on the best apps for nutritionists, the best apps for coaches, and the best meal planning app for professionals, check out our articles for comprehensive guides discussing tips on how to decide which app would best fit your business. The blog posts also feature checklist guides to assist you in evaluating key factors when comparing top apps.

Alternatively, if you want to try out other nutrition software options, you can check out our NutriAdmin alternatives and comparisons page for a summary of selected app’s features, reviews, pricing, free trials, and more.

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