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Nutrium vs NutriAdmin Comparison and Reviews

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Have read our in-depth guide on the best apps for nutritionists? In there, you would have seen that NutriAdmin and Nutrium are in the top 5. Which app is the better alternative, Nutrium or NutriAdmin? This article will provide a Nutrium vs NutriAdmin comparison. What are the differences between NutriAdmin and Nutrium in terms of features, pricing, free trial, reviews, and target audience? What about the companies behind Nutrium and NutriAdmin? This article will provide you with impartial and objective data. It is up to you to decide which app is best.

Crucially, I want to educate you so that you become an informed consumer. I will present reliable data on Nutrium and NutriAdmin, side by side. What I will not do is to tell you which app is best. That is for you as a user to determine.

Why should you trust me?

My name is Diego and I am the co-founder of NutriAdmin. This means two things:

  • I know a lot about nutritionist software like NutriAdmin and Nutrium. This is because I have been immersed in the industry since 2016.
  • My opinions will be, by necessity, biased. After all, I am comparing my own app with a competitor.

My goal with this article is to share everything I know that can help you compare Nutrium and NutriAdmin. On the other hand, I want to get my bias out of the equation as much as possible. In order to do that, I will link to verified third-party data to back up my claims.

I will provide you with a detailed comparison between Nutrium and NutriAdmin. But, ultimately, it is your decision to pick one app over the other (or another app entirely).

The key to making a good purchasing decision for any product is to become informed. This article is one data point of information that you can use. I encourage you to check other sources, including third party comparison sites, to contrast my information.

Also, if anyone from Nutrium is reading this feel free to contact me for corrections. I have done my best to collect publicly available data, but people make mistakes. If you want me to update any information about your company that I may have gotten wrong, I’d be happy to do it.

With the above in mind, let’s evaluate Nutrium vs NutriAdmin on a variety of important axis.

Third party data for comparing Nutrium with NutriAdmin

I will be using data and examples from Capterra in this article. Capterra is a software reviews site, where users can review software products.

The only way to submit a review in Capterra is to be a verified user of the app. For instance, the team at Capterra will manually check every review to make sure that the users submitting them are real people using the app.

You can check our guide on the best apps for coaches where we have included a section on what makes Capterra useful for someone trying to buy new software.

Nutrium vs NutriAdmin, overall comparison

Both Nutrium and NutriAdmin are apps for nutritionists. They provide a comparable service, and the features on offer overlap significantly.

In my experience running NutriAdmin since 2016 I have seen both these two things:

  • Users that cancel Nutrium and come to NutriAdmin claiming it’s much better
  • Users that cancel NutriAdmin and go to Nutrium instead, so the opposite of the above

The truth is that when it comes to most products, there is no single best option for everyone. Rather, depending on your individual situation and goals you may prefer one app or another.

Evidence that NutriAdmin and Nutrium are comparable

You can see in Capterra that NutriAdmin is listed as a top alternative to Nutrium. Below is a screenshot example. You can also check this article in TechCrunch (a large tech publication) where NutriAdmin was listed as a top competitor of Nutrium.

nutrium nutriadmin comparison in capterra

Likewise, you can check NutriAdmin reviews to find that some of the users of NutriAdmin have previously considered Nutrium.

nutriadmin users feedback

Reviews for Nutrium and NutriAdmin

You can compare Nutrium vs NutriAdmin in Capterra. Here is a summary comparison, and you can also click here for a more in-depth comparison of Nutrium vs NutriAdmin.

NutriAdmin has better reviews than Nutrium at Capterra with 4.7 average for NutriAdmin versus 4.2 for Nutrium at the moment. Below is a screenshot of the summarized comparison.

nutriadmin vs nutrium capterra comparison side by side

Why is this comparison useful and relevant?

I have personally entered the profile data for NutriAdmin in Capterra. Similarly, someone from the Nutrium team has entered their own product information. This makes for a fair Nutrium vs NutriAdmin comparison.

On the other hand, the reviews for both apps have been entered by dozens of our respective verified users. These users are independent from each other.

You should also know that reviews are moderated by Capterra as an impartial arbitrator. Neither app can delete or edit reviews submitted by users in Capterra. So the information is as legitimate as it gets, both good and bad!

In my opinion, this is much more useful than if I were to make a comparison table myself. After all, my incentive would be to cast NutriAdmin favorably. In general you should not trust direct comparisons from companies, as they will be biased.

Finally, don’t just trust me either on the assumption that Capterra is the best place to compare apps. You are free to google “nutrium reviews” or “nutriadmin reviews” and find other sites. I just think Capterra is the best, and likely the first result you will find in Google. But, of course, you should do your own research!

Alternative review sites

Of course, you can find other websites with reviews where Nutrium or its alternative, NutriAdmin, may have higher or lower ratings. It can be useful to read the more detailed reviews for each app so that you know what are the pros and the cons of each product.

At NutriAdmin, we encourage our users to only review us in Capterra. That is because Capterra will verify reviews are real, and we cannot tamper with reviews. We believe this is the fairest system.

There are other reviews sites. For instance, a quick google search for “nutrium reviews” shows an average rating of 3.9/5 starts in Google Play and 4.8/5 in Facebook. That is a big difference. You should dig to see what the reviews represent if interested.

google play nutrium rating 3.9/5

facebook rating

Pricing comparison Nutrium vs NutriAdmin

You can check NutriAdmin’s pricing here. On the other hand, its alternative, Nutrium does not seem to show their pricing online at the moment. You should check their website to find out more, or reach out to them to ask.

Both NutriAdmin and Nutrium offer a free trial. In NutriAdmin’s case this is a 14-day free trial. In Nutrium’s case it is likely a 14-day free trial too, but I could not verify this as I could not find their official pricing info. I will update this in the future if I find out.

nutriadmin nutrium pricing free trial

NutriAdmin, an alternative to Nutrium, has pricing starting at US$24.99/mo or you can even get it for free with a Starter plan. The starter plan is very limited and meant for students or practitioners starting out. You can change plans anytime.

Nutrium’s pricing starts at US$35/mo according to their Capterra page. I cannot confirm if this price is up-to-date and you can reach out to their team to find out.

About comparing pricing

NutriAdmin seems to be cheaper alternative to Nutrium for most users, but pricing is not everything. After all, you are comparing two different products. The value you get from either will determine which is the better deal for your individual situation.

On the other hand, if you are on a budget, there may be a maximum price you are willing to pay. You can check Nutrium’s and NutriAdmin’s official pages for their latest pricing information.

Target audience for Nutrium and NutriAdmin

When comparing NutriAdmin vs Nutrium it can be helpful to understand who each app is designed for.

Nutrium’s company tagline (in their main page) is:

What is Nutrium’s mission?

All-in-one Nutrition Software for dietitians and nutritionists. Nutrium is the best nutrition software for professionals to manage their business while focusing on their clients’ success.

Whilst NutriAdmin’s is:

What is NutriAdmin’s mission?

All-in-one software for nutritionists, personal trainers, and wellness professionals. Create easy-to-follow meal plans that drive results in 60 seconds & manage all your clients in one secure, organized place.

As you can see, both are quite similar. There are some nutritionist apps out there that specialize in particular functionality, e.g. meal plans. In both Nutrium’s and NutriAdmin’s case the goal is to provide an all in one solution for nutrition professionals.

Features comparison

It is common for companies to make a table comparing individual features side by side. I will not do that because I think it’s dishonest. After all, I could just list all the features where NutriAdmin shines, whilst obscuring the ones where Nutrium is better.

Instead, I will link to NutriAdmin’s features page and Nutrium’s product page. These are the official features as listed by both companies. You are guaranteed to find the latest and most accurate feature information there.

There is a lot of overlap between the features both companies offer. The question then becomes, which app is best for each feature?You can watch video demos, read user reviews, or do a free trial for both apps to compare them.

For instance, let’s imagine you really need meal planning software and don’t care too much about other features. Both Nutrium and its alternative, NutriAdmin, offer meal plans. You could sign up for a free trial in both apps and create a meal plan in each. This way, you can decide which app you prefer.

Notable feature differences

There are some feature differences between NutriAdmin and Nutrium that I can list.

NutriAdmin offers a meal plan generator that allows you to create entire plans in 60s. You just need to choose a diet, and pick some macros and the software will create a meal plan for you. As far as I am aware Nutrium does not offer this feature.

On the other hand, Nutrium has a mobile smartphone app. An alternative to Nutrium, NutriAdmin, offers a web-based application for clients to use. However, we currently do not provide a smartphone app but we are considering the possibility of developing one in the future.

According to this in-depth comparison table from Capterra NutriAdmin has significantly more features. A total of 34 for NutriAdmin vs just 24 for Nutrium.

in depth comparison capterra

Nutrium vs NutriAdmin, company comparison

NutriAdmin is a self-funded, small company of 3 people. We have been around since 2016 and have been profitable from day 1. NutriAdmin our only and sole focus. We don’t have any other products and we specialize in the needs of nutritionists, coaches, and, to a lesser extent, personal trainers. You can check our coach software and personal trainer software pages for reference.

You can read our philosophy as a company on this page.

Nutrium was founded in 2015, and has between 11-50 employees. Nutrium has received several rounds of investing. Given that they are a bigger company backed by investors, they have multiple products and a different strategy than NutriAdmin.

Apart from their software for nutritionists, Nutrium focuses a lot of their efforts in corporate wellness programs as per their website. A larger company like Nutrium will invariably need to work with larger companies like corporations.


Which app is better, NutriAdmin or Nutrium? Well the answer is it depends. I am biased as I am the co-founder of NutriAdmin, so you should decide for yourself!

nutriadmin nutrium pricing free trial feature

I have given you data from both websites and from third-party verified websites. You should combine this article with information from other sites you trust to make up your own mind.

When it comes to Nutrium vs NutriAdmin, both apps have a similar target audience. The goal is to provide an all-in-one solution in both cases. Similarly, both apps provide comparable features and pricing, with some differences.

The best thing you can do is to do a free trial for both Nutrium and NutriAdmin. During a free trial you can experience the quality of customer support, as well as test out key features. This will allow you to make the most informed decision.

Hope you have found this article useful. If you want to read more articles on software topics, feel free to check this section of the blog.

Additionally, if you’re looking for professional meal planning apps, our guide to the best meal planning app can help. We offer insights into the top options available, along with practical tips to assist you in making an informed decision.

If you want to discover other NutriAdmin alternatives and comparisons, you can check out our summary page. This page provides an overview of the various nutrition software options available, including their features and pricing. It can be a helpful starting point for those looking to explore other options aside from Nutrium and NutriAdmin.

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