#1 Pilot episode - Who we are and what this podcast is about

#1 Pilot episode – Who we are and what this podcast is about

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This is episode 1 of The Nutritionist Podcast. The podcast made for nutritionists, where we interview experts and bring you topics of interest ranging from nutrition research, to business skills, case studies, stories, and more.

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Episode description

An introduction to our new podcast series, covering the wide range of topics that are ALL things nutrition.

Episode 1, introduces the team behind NutriAdmin and gives a special 1-1 interview with co-founder of NutriAdmin Diego Oliveira Sanchez. Diego has a background in Physics and holds a masters in Scientific computing from Cambridge University. His professional experience ranges from academic research on neural networks at Cambridge, to data science and process optimization working at Citigroup in London. Diego has been running NutriAdmin since 2016.

Our interviewer is a nutrition expert Ismail Zoutat. Ismail is all things nutrition. He completed a BSc Hons in Nutrition from the university of Leeds in 2020. He subsequently graduated with an msc in Nutrition for Global health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in September of 2021. In December of 2021, Ismail was contracted for the World Food Programme where he was deployed to deliver a comprehensive nutrition survey of the refugee population of southwest Algeria. Ismail has also worked in multiple capacities throughout the years, including, but not limited to, personal training, health and nutritional consulting, and public health nutrition research.

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#1 Pilot episode – Who we are and what this podcast is about – The Nutritionist Podcast